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Biography to qualify for an award - what should I include?

Asked by WhyOhWhy (13points) February 22nd, 2010

I’m being considered for a prestigious award from my university upon graduation in May. They want me to write a bio for consideration. I’m assuming this would be different than a professional bio. What should I include to make sure its great?

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It sounds like a professional bio is exactly what they want, perhaps peppered with a few personal pieces of info like your hobbies. Try to imagine you are sitting on the committee that decides who gets the award. What would you want to see?

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Be accurate, honest, and craft it towards the purpose of the award. If it’s for public service, slant it towards that. If it’s for being a returning student, with a 4.0 at 40, slant it towards the effort it took to accomplish that.

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What length limit were you given?

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I wasnt given any limits. I was merely asked for a short “bio”, a list of accomplishments in my field of study and a description of any community service projects I am involved in.

According to the representative from my university, this award goes to the graduating senior who best exemplifies excellence in Computer Information Systems or Computer Science.

So of course, I’d love to put my best foot forward and make an impression and I’d like to make sure I’m not forgetting to add info which might prove essential.

I plan to gear it toward why I chose a career in Computers and why I selected their school and work from there.

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“Short bio” is one paragraph, which is roughly no more than six sentences. You will not see this bio again after it appears in the program for graduation unless you repurpose part of it for a resume. Focus on what you’ve done that made you exemplary, and what your employment or grad school plans are.

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