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What are P.L.U.'s (military exercise?)

Asked by caly420 (540points) February 22nd, 2010

A friend of mine is in pre-Navy boot camp training and she just got broke the record for amount of “PLU’s” done in our city.

I didn’t even think to ask her what they were, but now it’s really got me curious and I can’t find anything on the internet about them. I would ask her, but can’t get her on the phone.


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My spouse is Navy and not familiar with PLU’s.
Could it be PRT?
PRT standard.

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@dog PLU not PTU and in the email she says “PLU” so I’m fairly certain it wasn’t PRT?

@SeventhSense That could be it…seems most likely answer anyway, thanks.

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It might be a variation on a front, back, go (Prone, lying, up?) FBG’s are an exercise/torture wherein the subject is ordered to either front(pushups), back(leg lifts), go(run in place) in random successive order until total muscle failure.

P.L.U. @ the grocery means product look up!

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