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Have you ever watched some highest grossing movies from another country?

Asked by Blackberry (31067points) February 22nd, 2010

We know what some of the highest grossing movies are here in the U.S. But have you seen any from another country? What and how were they? The reason I’m using the highest grossing movies as an example is because it would be difficult to pick a random foreign movie and ask about it. If I start with a popular movie, it would be easier to get access to it and such, I’d like to compare and contrast the great movies we’ve seen like Avatar, Star Wars, James Bond etc.(I purposefully left out Titanic lol) with a popular movie or series from another country.

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I really enjoyed Lawrence of Arabia.

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Tom Jones is a good oldie.

Or how about Amelie?

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I love the Kurosawa films, and Bergman is terrific, but I don’t know how they did at the box office.

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I loved Amelie. French films are often remarkable.

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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon…. It’s the highest grossing foreign film in the US.

Of course it didn’t have the production value that Hollywood did (does), but no foreign movies do.

Not to say, by the way, that Crouching Tiger was a great film, or that Kurosawa* or Bergman or Fellini weren’t geniuses (they were). I am only using Crouching Tiger because it’s apparently the most-seen foreign film here.

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Highest-grossing of all time? Highest-grossing domestically or abroad?

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@shadling21 Sure give me both lol?

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I was disappointed to discover that the Bollywood movies I’ve seen aren’t on this list. I’d recommend you check them out anyhow.

In many other countries, American movies make more money, I think.

Japan… Probably a Miyazaki film will be highest-grossing? Spirited Away surpassed Princess Mononoke when it was released.

Are you looking for movies titles, or more for a comparison of these foreign films to American box-office hits?

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@shadling21 I just want to watch them. I like to expand my horizons, I listen to foreign and domestic music for example, but I don’t know many foreign movies.

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