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Does anyone know any movies that are similar to the movie Tremors?

Asked by poisonedantidote (21638points) February 22nd, 2010

I’m looking for something to watch that does not require much of my attention, a well made yet slightly corny fun easy watching movie.

Something along the line of the Tremors movie, it does not have to be about monsters or anything like that, the example is more an example of the vibe and feeling of the movie rather than its content. thanks.

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There’s an older film with John Goodman called Arachnaphobia that has a similar sort of feel.

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The Syfy channel is your friend.

Oh, I just saw the well-made part of the post. Well, they’ve certainly got corny locked down.

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Tremors is like the Highlander of movies. There can be only one.

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Both Tremors 2 and Tremors 3.

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Lately Jeff, the only thing worth watching on SyFy is Caprica.

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What about Gremlins? That kind of fits into that corny and tongue-in-cheek monster/horror film catagory.

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Hudson Hawk. You’ll thank me someday.

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@EmpressPixie good call on the Hawk

Evolution with David Duchovny and Julianne Moore is also silliness + monsters

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Lake Placid

This is funny. It is the first movie that I thought of (great cheesy movie btw) and this is what I came across when I went to look for a link: If you love Tremors then you might be the sort of person that lake Placid is aimed at.

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@jonsblond- Lake Placid is a perfect suggestion. Lurve to you, sugar britches.

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Oh, damn. I was thinking you were Jon. The “sugar britches” was meant for him. Pass it on, woodja?

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Squirm about killer blood worms

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@Blondesjon Word.

But otherwise, try Kaw. You won’t be disappointed.

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Yeh… I love that sort of movie…..
Big Trouble in Little China
Eight Legged Freaks
Mars Attacks
Lake Placid

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The Tremors TV show wasn’t all that bad, either.

Oh, and Army of Darkness.

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Oh right, you might like The Nest.

It’s a killer insect invasion movie, but quite unlike most.

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I can’t believe I forgot about the William Shatner opus, Kingdom of the Spiders.

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Any one starring Michael J. Fox.

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The Frighteners ruled.

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