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Do you happen to know a website called "Ask Gramma" or similar? It is a grandmother who helps teenagers with their questions?

Asked by flo (12181points) February 22nd, 2010

I saw it about a year ago. I tried google, I need it fast. I know it is a gramma who helps teenagers, so ignore the question mark .

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it was merged with fluther. just PM gailcalled for the service (or misuse an apostrophe).

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@eponymoushipster I am trying to understand.

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After you get your current pressing question answered, you may also wish to ask for instructions on how to use Google better :)

All I did was type “ask grandma” into the search bar and it was the second one at the top of the page.


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@Buttonstc thanks for answering. To be continued….

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@Buttonstc would you give instruction?

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