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All of my friends are gaining weight!

Asked by squirbel (4292points) March 4th, 2008

All of my friends from college are gaining weight! It doesn’t make me think of them differently, but when I see them I feel a bit awkward! This one guy who was an absolute hottie just isn’t as much anymore >.>

Did those of you older than myself see the same thing happen?

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Maybe he is pregnant.

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It doesn’t just have to be after college, it’s just as people get more sedentary in life. I saw it with some people I went to high school with, but I was the opposite and lost a lot of weight after high school and college.

Don’t make it awkward – if you’re a true friend it shouldn’t matter what people look like, but moreso about their character and the relationship you have with them.

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its called freshman 15

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Maybe they have been to a couple keg parties, too many. You got to always stay active. People forget their bodies need constant conditoning. Running water never goes stale kinda thing. Start inviting them for some frisbee golf, or whatever you guys are into more often.

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love them more after all there’s more to love

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Hehe…to be honest we are spread out all over the country [graduation does that!]. I’m just looking at their facebook pictures.

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They say facebook adds 10lbs.

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@bulbatron9: hilarious

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I think ezraglenn is on to something. :)
Some have some have lost weight as well.
I was fortunate most of my life I was so skinny.
I’ve put on 60 pounds and still look thin.
Maybe being 6’ 5” might have something to do with it.

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maybe its time to switch to light beer!!!! or vodka its low carb!!!!

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