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Once I was somebody special, now I'm just somebody. Can you identify with this quote?

Asked by Zen_Again (9901points) February 22nd, 2010

Can you relate to this quote? How and why?

It’s from a movie, but it made me think of myself and of flutherites. Sometimes I feel that way, and I’m sure others do too. But why? Is it because of a woman/man? Is it because of a position in life – or past fame? A fall from grace perhaps?

Everyone has a story.

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but you are somebody special because she chose you!

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This is highly relateable [sic?] for every man ever.

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Me? @cyndihugs – alas, no-one has chosen me… lately.

It’s a quote (paraphrased?) from a film which I didn’t see but read about in Time. Made me think. Thought it might inspire some flutherings.

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what about the topic?

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OIC – it was chopped – in an interesting way. Cool.

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When I was in high I got really good grades, took all advanced classes and I thought I was special. I thought I was this academic powerhouse, got into a relatively good school with a large scholarship only to find everybody was like me, not just my friends and furthermore I wasn’t as damn smart as I thought, I could fail, and I learned I don’t thrive in a hyper-competitive setting and am much better when I can collaborate with others.

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If you’re looking to get with Dr. Crusher, you just need to get in there and show interest beyond the ship you command.

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Clarification on your topic: Did you indeed mean to write/enter “I have no idea what to write her” or is that a typo and you meant to write/enter “I have no idea what to write here.” I think it really does make a difference. OOPS. It looks like you already addressed this issue, but I’ve gone and typed all these words so I’m hitting the answer button anyway.

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I could not really relate too well, I constantly feel more and more a special person.

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When was I ever not special?

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I do feel special when someone loves me, and demonstrates that love actively. I would gladly bask in that glow forever, if I could.

But I took this saying to be a more global kind of special—i.e. special to a much larger group of people. I’m afraid I never felt that. I’ve always been just somebody.

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The quote is from a song from Crazy Heart – the Jeff Bridges movie about a country singer. I’ve got the soundtrack and there are a number of great songs on it. I don’t identify with that one so much – I actually feel more special now that I did when I was growing up. A line from another song, though, has relevance to me now; “Funny how falling seems like flying for a little while…”

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I don’t think I am any less special now than I ever was.

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“everyone is special!”

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I once was special to someone, but he decided I wasn’t special enough and found someone even more special, so he thought. But, I consider myself special. I have a good job and a great family.

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Kinda. Yeah…..

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In high school I was a ridiculous overachiever. I took all Honors and AP classes while maintaining a close to 4.0 average, wrote for the school newspaper, sang in the honors chorus, played in the band, participated in the school musical, took piano and tae kwon do lessons, was a member of an academic decathlon-type team, founded my own school club, and still had time to draw, write poetry, and study Japanese for myself almost every day. I don’t do half of those things anymore (I’m an art student now and rarely even doodle), and I’ve lost confidence in a lot of the skills I used to have. So yeah, I identify with that quote quite a bit.

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When I used to be happy I thought I was somebody special because it’s really hard to come across people who are truly happy. Now, I am not happy due to circumstances and I don’t think I’m special anymore. I’m just somebody who is miserable.

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@Justnice :( I’m sorry…..

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There is nothing special about me. There never has been. I am unique, just like everyone else.

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@tinyfaery Um. Your lips look kinda ‘pecial…

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@janbb Thanks for the info! @ all – keep ‘em coming – this is what I had hoped – to inspire different and personal answers from people – as everyone feels special at some point, or doesn’t – and why do or don’t they. Interesting. Thanks!

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@Zen_Again Don’t give up! Not now! It’s really neck and neck, really, it’s just that close, check out the link: Somebody Special V.S, Just Somebody It’s so, so close. You could make the difference. Stand up for all of us, fight for all of us who always though that we were “somebody special” and then turned out, in the end, to be “just somebody.” (And, BTW, you just may, or will likely get to certain place in life, where what you will do is just thank God that you are ordinary). No guarantees, but there’s a good chance…

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I used to be someone special in my work. It was all taken away from me. I used to be special as my kid’s Dad, and I have started to become so again.

I am loved truly, madly and deeply by my wife. I must still be someone special.

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@Dr_Lawrence you are also my special fluther friend.

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Yes I have experienced this. I wont go into details. But in my said profession at one time I was a real special somebody. I jumped over the fence and into a new pond and I was just a somebody. Which made me feel like a no body. It was a dreadful feeling making me realize that I had over identified with my career. I think anyone that jumps between these poles as a result of external factors in various situations could have to some extent have done what I did. And yes, it is still a work in progress.

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I hear you, @Just_Justine.

Thanks for your answer.


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Just listened to the song again and the line I think you are quoting actually goes like this:

“I used to be somebody, now I am somebody else,
What I’ll be tomorrow is anybody’s guess.”

Subtlely different, and both versions are interesting to contemplate.

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