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Are we just all bored?

Asked by Sophief (6681points) February 23rd, 2010

Do you think people on Fluther and on other sites like this are just bored with nothing to do? I was made redundant and before that I never even thought about a site like this.

I know that when I get a job I won’t be on here anymore. But, I do like this site. The reason I am asking this, is that yesterday I came on here, and my boyfriend just gave me a funny look and said I have too much time on my hands. Do I?

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No it’s my little brain being fed by Lurve!
Reward systems and good banter are always the best ways to get me returning time after time.

oh and I’m at work right now!!

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Depends, if your asking a question and want to get some responses then this site is pretty good in my opinion.

But if you visit everyday, maybe you do?

But, I enjoy coming to this site and seeing the questions and helping answering them so no, for me, it is not a waste of time. It is a fun little hobby for me!

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quarter for your thoughts?

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@Adirondackwannabe I think I do have too much time.

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@Dibley – All we can do then is try to find you a hobby!

What are your main interests?

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Potentially…. I’m sure if my job were more demanding I’d be doing something else. That being said it is interesting hearing the views of others on such a wide aray of unusual subjects. Plus you get to hear from demographics you might not otherwise encounter.

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No, I am not bored. At least, that is not why I Fluther.

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I can only speak for myself, but as a single mom of three boys and a full time student with two part time jobs, I can say that I am not on Fluther because I am bored. Personally, I am here because I enjoy The Collective, it provides a nice place to visit to forget about the stress of life, and it feeds my brain and satisfies some of my curiosity. Kind of like the song says – even if it isn’t my real name.

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What could be more exciting and fulfilling than to spend every waking moment with such a fun loving group of people here! Plus all things I learn here! Who knew underwater hockey was the National sport of Tralfamadore!!

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@Dibley Humans are social animals. I use this site to get me started in the day and to give me more contact with other people I wouldn’t get to chat with otherwise.

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@Cruiser Ooooh I can’t stop laughing at your answer. Just made my day LOLL

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Nah, I have other stuff to do. I do this in-between.

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“Nobody is bored when he is trying to make something that is beautiful or to discover something that is true.”
W. R. Inge

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So when will you be getting a job?

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I know that’s why I’m here. I have lost a large quantity of my mobility and I sit here in front of the computer because I can’t stand the television. Here I might learn something.

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@Silhouette ummmm…not what i heard! It’s all over town!

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Don’t look at me.I hardly visit it for an hour a week.

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~Nope- some of us are avoiding other stuff. ;)

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Has nobody mentioned the word “procrastination”?

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If I wasn’t on Fluther I’d be bored. I’m not here because I don’t have anything else to do. I have plenty I could be doing. I’m on here because I’m lazy and don’t want to do anything else!

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@knitfroggy the quote by W.R. Inge (please see my prior answer), would apply to you! A good thing!

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I am here solely to be of help to my fellow men/women/other.

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@mrentropy please help! loll

very good answer!

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Yes, or we would be doing something else.

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I’m not bored, and would not be bored without Fluther. There’s a lot of things I could do. I like Fluther so I have chosen to do it, but if it did not exist I would find something else to do.

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I’m a rather busy guy. I’m on here on breaks between patients… Not bored. I actually love the site and find time to be on here and really enjoy the interaction with my lovely jellies.

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@BoBo1946 Not true, I stopped spreading myself all over town long time ago.

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When people’s minds are numb and they are bored, they watch trashy soap operas or celebrity gossip on YouTube. When people’s minds are active and focused, they want to broaden their horizon and log onto Fluther.

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For all of you that say you are not board… Being on here.

You bore me. ;-)

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I don’t Fluther out of boredom. I have poor social skills in real life; Fluther helps me interact and reach out to others, either helping or recieving help. I’m extremely busy now, but keep the computer turned on so I can talk to my friends here. This also helps me to retain my language flexibility, since our farm operation is entirely French. I prefer the Q&A format, since I feel lost in chatrooms.
Like @Silhouette , television disgusts me. Computer games never appealed to me either.

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@judochop You never know who you’re talking to… on the Internet.

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Fluther isn’t boring for me. I come here seeking stimulation and I get it on each and every visit. That’s time well spent in my opinion.

And no, I don’t think people visit sites like Fluther because they are bored. Instead, they like the interactions with other people, the yearning for knowledge, and the chance to perfect their typing skills.

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They have coffee and cake here. That’s why I visit :)

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@Dibley ; When you get a job put surf fluther as an acceptable behavior on the computer at work and tell them it actually improves job performance

Or call it research!

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@tinyfaery Very soon hopefully, my mind is turning to jelly!

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Can you walk away?

If so, then you are not doing it too much. If you have to have your fix every day, then it could be a problem.

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Then don’t wait. You don’t have to fluther.

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no…no… I Iove it here… jellies are my friends. I am not bored of my friends. I love my friends.I should be in bed though

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Today surfing Fluther is my treat for getting a project done.
So I get a few minutes then start the next project.

Life is good!!!

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I learn new things every day on fluther! What could be more exciting than knowledge?

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lol, this is a hilarious question.

yes, we’re bored. and if we were doing anything else besides using this site, we would still be doing that only because we were otherwise bored.

this is a way to spend your time. some people collect stamps, build boats inside of glass bottles.. and other stupid stuff.. this is just one way to spend your time. nothing to worry about.

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Not bored. I tend to use Fluther as a bit of an escape. Aldo, I have plenty that I should be doing, but, I’m terrible for procrastinating. When I don’t really want to do something, I end up here. Plus, there are a bunch of cool jellies here.

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yea, today i spent a lot of time on this and other favorite message boards.
i haven’t done that in a while, felt good. :)

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Im not sure. I dont watch much television so I go online and interact with people :)

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I can only speak for myself. I think yes I am bored. Some of the time I need real insights or answers. But those “pondering” questions I think come from boredom. A lack of interesting friends that all moved over seas. A lack of general thoughtful stimulus in a boring mundane world. I always had fabulous extra ordinary friends. Some died, some moved, I feel a big gaping hole where they all used to fill with wonderful thoughts, sharing and activity. I think I need to get out there and find some more!

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This question and the answers makes me a little sad. Here we have all this technology, material crap, and alot of people just want to connect with another person. How did we get so disconnected?

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