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What strange foods have you eaten?

Asked by squirbel (4292points) March 4th, 2008

Strange includes anything that might make the typical steak-and-potatoes-American make a face.

Goat meat is pretty normal for my family.

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the goo on Japanese food I had in japan. I’m an american. that goo.. tastes and feel wieeeeerd.

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I ate boiled jellyfish once it was like eating jello

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I’m Azorian Portuguese so they are not all that strange to me but the strangest thing from an american pallet:
Limpets They are a small sea snail that is eaten live (they crawl off your plate, slowly, as you eat them)

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Had limpets also. Aligator, crawfish, squirrel brains, chicken feet, rattle snake, cow stomach, chicken combs, octopus, opposum, and armordello

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Cows brain stew. It is common and being served everywhere in Indonesia

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Goat, sea anemone.

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Squid is delicious.
Iguana was gross.
Durian fruit is…... interesting.
My favorite sandwich is hummus, honey, sprouts, swiss cheese, and penut butter/almond butter on pita. Yum!

Its common, btu some people make faces at Tofu. I’d die without it, i’m sure. Yumyumyum.

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<- checks wikipedia for durian fruit

Update: I want to try it, but I’m sure i’d want a clothespin for my nose.

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Its innnnteresting. XD

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Rat soup in Laos but I couldn’t bring myself to eat the tail, very bitter. Also had boiled marmot there, much better than rat. I ate a half a medium sized cockroach by accident – it was in my drink. The drink had ice, I thought it was a chunk of ice, you figure it out.

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Oh yes I also had nutra rat and lion

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My freshman college roommate was Malaysian and had durian shipped to our room. He also never showered or washed his sheets.

I didn’t get many visitors.

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Tripe (cow stomach), eel, squid, kangaroo, alligator, bison, venison… all before I became a vegetarian, obviously.

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Cow heart, brain, tripe, intestines (fried on the side of the road by quichauan indians)Does completly raw beef count?Chicken feet and head. Alligator, Antelope. Horse. Naatto (sp?) which is 3 month old fermented soy beans, never again. (In Japan)

Some others people have already mentioned.

Goat is one of my favs especially in curry.

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@delirium those are regular foods? well they are in South Africa anyhow :)

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@paulc I will never be the same after your post!

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