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Do you know that today is National Pancake Day?

Asked by tinyfaery (41588points) February 23rd, 2010

How will you be celebrating?

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By working and then going to class… Not much of a celebration, is it? I guess I’ll keep the thought of pancakes in my mind as I’m being flattened by commitments.

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Is a waffle just a pancake in a different design?

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Yes, I think I will be going to IHOP and help support the childrens hospital

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There’s going to be a lot of happiness on Fluther today considering the history of pancakes around here.

I’ll head over to IHOP or Denny’s in a little while and commemorate the day accordingly.

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Again? Sweet… maybe I’ll have to make some apple cinnamon pancakes for dinner. Om nom nom.

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By eating lowfat yogurt. <<whimpers>> I’m on a bit of a health kick right now. No pancakes for me..

I do have a rather lovely bottle of %100 pure Canadian Maple syrup in the cupboard, yet to opened. Here ya go, jellies..

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Seriously? Well, I suppose I’ll have to feast. You’re all welcome to join.<Runs to the store for pancake mix>

@john65pennington Yep, a waffle is just a plaid pancake.

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Oh yes I do! Yes I do! Yes!!!

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Hmm. Thinking of going to Ihop for some free pancakes….

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Since this is National Pancake Day, i will tell this story. wife and i went into this small little restaurant in a small little town in Kentucky. the sign said, “All the pancakes you can eat for just $3.00. since i am a pancake lover, this was an open invitation for me to have my fill for once. when my order of pancakes arrived, i could not believe my eyes. there were six pancakes stacked high on a plate…..the size of the plate. honestly, this stack of pancakes looked like a birthday cake that needed icing. the pancakes stood 8 inches high and approx. ten inches in diameter. this stack weighed at least 2–3 pounds. as i finished just half of the stack, i admitted defeat. i asked for some Rolaids as i left out the door. excellent pancakes, just too much for me.

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I am going to gorge on pancakes all day! What kind of wine goes best with pancakes?

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@Dog Ice Wine probably because they are sweeter and therefore compensates the need for syrups somewhat

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Alright goin to Waffle House. See ya.

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Wait, this day typically is the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday….err…wasn’t Ash Wednesday last week? I am pretty sure Pancake Day was the 16th….

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Holy crap, now I’m hungry! Should have brought pancakes with me to work for lunch.

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@erichw1504 Right, which just means that Ihop is celebrating it today…..“While IHOP’s National Pancake Day typically takes place on Shrove Tuesday, this year the company will host its free pancake event on Tuesday, February 23, extending the fundraising window by one week to maximize donations for Children’s Miracle Network”

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As far as I am concerned, every day is National Pancake Day.

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I’m still waiting for march 14th.

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@erichw1504 – You got that right! Nothing like a beer for breakfast.

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I shall toss one off immediately.

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I thought it was yet another “snow -for-a-week” week.

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My mother says the one before ash wednesday is always “donut day” but I’d never heard of that.

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@ChazMaz Breakfast of champions.

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Forget Pancake Day. When’s Bacon Day?

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what kind of pancakes should I make? hmmm.

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@jjmah Ooh! I do have frozen blueberries….hmmmm

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Huh? My morning news people told me it was today.

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I just asked the kitchen here at the hospital to send me up a pancake with my breakfast… but like I said earlier, the holiday I’ll really get excited about is March 14th. International Steak and Blowjob day.

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@tinyfaery I think they got confused because IHOP decided to celebrate on a different date. It’s always been the day before Lent begins, which was last week.

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“sure jars my preserves!”

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Oh, well. Pancakes!

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@erichw1504 I’m a vegetarian! No bacon.

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@casheroo You’re still here?

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@tragiclikebowie Son of a!... Fakin’Baconcakes!

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@tragiclikebowie.. just because I love you and hate that your being a vegetarian (eeeeewwww) means you are deprived of bacon.. I have found for you, VEGETARIAN BACON. Enjoy.

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@Dr_C Veggie Bacon: Mmmm! Crispy cardboard! @tragiclikebowie There ain’t nothing like the real thing!

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@tragiclikebowie Mmmm, yes. Blueberry pancakes, please ‘n thanks.

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Man, I don’t think there is even an iHop anywhere near me… :(

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Today is National Banana Bread Day! :0)

As a bunny, iHOP is my very favorite place….

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Hmm…it was Pancake Day on England a short while back…or, to my understanding, was originally some religious holiday but somehow everyone just winds up eating pancakes.

I live in Qu├ębec. This is the land of beer, bacon, maple syrup and pancakes, so every day is like Pancake Day…

But for those of you where it ain’t, enjoy, and have a good one. :)

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Pancakes for lunch! drop some Bacon in them before turning!

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I recently learned of this and I’m ecstatic. I plan to eat a stack in the near future and i am sssssssssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooooooooo excited

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I’m heading home and I’m making pancakes, dammit.

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I think one pancake day per year is enough, and that’s Fat Tuesday.

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I didn’t, but hurray for you for telling us! This has to be the next best thing to Fluther’s own national holiday.

Good luck trying to get us a National Jellyfish Day.

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Short stack with maple syrup!

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Blueberry pancakes please!

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Oh God now i want pancakes. i am having raisin bran for dinner. that does not compare to warm pancakes with syrup!! my mom makes the best pancakes – thin like a crepe, and you can put jelly on them and roll them up like a crepe. now i’m starving

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@ica Your post just made me hungry…

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hmm and there was me thinking that the proper pancake day was Shrove Tuesday, which was last week.

English pancakes are the best. They’re more like a crepe (slightly thicker but not much) and traditionally served with sugar and lemon juice.

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@downtide You are correct, today is not National Pancake day; it was last week. But hey, eat them anyway! nomnom

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I WENT TO IHOP!!! But, it was too crowded. SO I WENT TO DENNY’S!!! And got my pancakes and my son ate free. Score.

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Chocolate chip pancakes. Mmmm….

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