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Can anyone recommend any good slide printing sites?

Asked by Glow (1366points) February 23rd, 2010

I need to make some slides of my artwork for my portfolio, and there is no place that does it locally here. I’m going to have to do it online and order them, but I have never done it before, so I don’t know who is best to use and I don’t know pricing or… anything!

Advice would be greatly appreciated so I make the right choices and not wind up spending more than I should.

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Buyy a SLR that takes film. Photograph the work yourself.

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Do you already have pictures?
Are they digital? Film? Negatives? Slides that need to be duplicated?
By slides, I assume you mean 35mm slides for a projector. Is that correct?

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@ChazMaz – Problem is that there is a learning curve D: I need some asap for a portfolio critique. I have an SLR, but its digital…

I have photos that are in digital format. I just need those put into slides.

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@Glow – Got ya.

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Wow- I thought everyone was digital now. I have not been asked for slides in at least 4 years. Bummer you have to do this.

I would try this one because it is cheap enough to not be a major loss if they are off-color.

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I love my Film Cameras. Digital is sad. But it is easy. :-)

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@ChazMaz – I agree. Film is so much more beautiful. I don’t have enough time to learn it though, but maybe one day :/

@Dog – Thanks for the recommendation! Honestly, I don’t know why I am being asked for slides either, but I guess it’s good to know right?

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I’ve used to great success for clients

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slides still?Try Grumpyfishs’ suggestion or call photoshops in your area.I put most of my work on CDs.It is so much easier It’s rare for an art show to want slides now a days.

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I’ve had this done at Costco. Quality, meh. Turnaround time, not so good. I’m sure the two sites already offered will be better.

I’d resist taking your own slides. It’s not easy – the color comes out wrong, it can be difficult to provide a truly neutral background (easier if your work isn’t very big – mine is usually 8’ wide). In a huge hurry, I’d absolutely do it digitally,
use your cropping tool, use your color-correction tool, then use these conversion services.

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Oh yeah, echoing what @susanc said. These days it’s far better to shoot digitally and then get slides produced.

I photograph quilts for quilter’s portfoilos—if they needed slides it was always from the digital images. We were shooting under studio lights with an 18% grey backdrop, but still far better to shoot digital.

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@susanc definitely agree.. digital is the way to go.. slides can so easily go wrong

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Haha, I will be going digital, don’t have the knowledge for 35mm >:

Thanks everyone though. These suggestions were exactly what I needed :P

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