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Does anyone else smell things that aren't really there..?

Asked by fathippo (746points) February 23rd, 2010

I was wondering, because for a long time It’ll suddenly be ‘supernoodles…!’ at 3am when there are no noodles in close proximity, or ‘geraniums…!’ when I’m on the computer and there are no imposing flowers…
There can be months where I never get this and all of a sudden they’re everywhere…
Does anyone else get this? =/
And why is that?

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All the time. But who says it’s not there? Just because others cannot smell it doesn’t mean it’s all in your head. Yep. That’s what I tell myself.

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@tinyfaery haha thankyou, from now on i’ll reassure myself it’s just leaking from another universe or something… =P noone will think we’re insane

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Oh,they’re there alright ;)

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@Judi yep ghosts eating noodles ;)

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I don’t know why it is, but I get this too. It’s usually food, but sometimes it’s a floral scent. There’s a superstition (?) that says if you smell roses, a loved one has died.

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Well, I have a really good sense of smell, so when this happens I assume it’s real. Mine aren’t quite as random as yours but, for example, a few weeks ago when I woke up I smelt vomit in the bathroom. I searched and searched, finally finding a tiny tiny splatter of it under the toilet seat (which I cleaned off). When my 3 roommates woke up, I discovered that one of them had indeed puked the night before, after I went to bed – and the other two hadn’t smelled a thing in the bathroom, despite both using the bathroom after the puking but before they went to bed, hours earlier than when I’d used it that morning.

I smell things no one else does relatively often, but I am vindicated enough to trust the things I smell are real the rest of the time, even if they’re improbable or weird.

Unfortunately my hearing is terrible, I think smell neurons took over chunks of the hearing part of my brain.

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I have a horrible sense of smell. Usually takes me a while to notice cookies baking in my own home. So, I rarely smell something that isn’t there.

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Yes. I once got hit in the head ( _________ <—- insert your joke here.) so hard I smelled all kinds of things: pepper, sour, sawdust. I figure it scrambled a few connections.

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Yep. A month ago, I could smell burnt toast at my girlfriend’s (no one was having toast). Sometimes, I smell flowers (lilies), but, there are no flowers in sight (nor is there flower scented perfume, room spray, candles).

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I would be concerned I might have something wrong with my brain if I started having halucinations like you are describing. Maybe you should talk to a doctor.

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Nope. When I smell a rat, one is just around the corner.

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The Sixth Sense : rewrite. I smell dead people.Troubled boy needs aroma therapy.

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We had a ghost where I used to work and every day around 3 pm the whole office smelled like toast.

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My son has that daily, and it is classified as an olfactory hallucination, unless the smell is really there. (But I’m sure my spaghetti did NOT have chlorine in it.) My son is bipolar with a lot of other problems, so if you are, in fact, having olfactory hallucinations, I’d be grateful if that’s all you’re dealing with.

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I get this when I have a sinus infection or am on the verge of one.

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I smell dead people.

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Everywhere I go, I feel like I’m being followed by a rancid cheese.

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yes…and I think it could be some derivative of this problem….

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Nasal Halucinations?

Yes, I smell things not there. About once or twice a week for the past couple years.
I have smelled pretty flowers, sacred smoke (unlike cigarette/cigar/pipe smoke)
food smells, propane, burnt wood, and today I smelled black tea- like Liptons.

The smell lasts for only a couple seconds. I think it goes away just after I notice it.

So there are other psychic noses out there besides me, good!
Anybody knows/nose what this means?

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@lynneblundell where it says about synesthesia, i have these connections between memories or thoughts and texture… like the other day, this woman was talking about a bright pink coat (you know like the michelin man ones… (?) ) and it felt like i had all this disgusting pink flavoured angel delight under my skin, almost like you can taste the way it would be according to your thought of it. =P

It was pretty disgusting really, but that’s an example =P

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It’s a Sixth Scents

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I do that all the time! Like someone else said, maybe you just have a good sense of smell (especially true if you’re a female, because some menstruating women report sensitivity to smells that don’t bother them at any other time of the month). Whenever I smell something that no one else can, my SO always says I am smelling my brain or imagination.

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