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Have you ever experienced something so touching, that it brought you to tears?

Asked by Jude (32112points) February 23rd, 2010

My Dad is away in Florida, and last night, I went over to his house (my childhood home) to do a bit of cleaning and sorting. He wanted me to go through the cupboards and drawers and clean and sort through the paperwork, cards, etc (he told me the types of things that he wanted me to pitch). When cleaning out the dining room hutch drawer, I found all of the sympathy cards that were sent to our family after my Mom died. Sympathy cards, donations (to the Canadian Cancer Society, and the Children’s Bridge Orphanage in China), emails from family and friends (that were printed out at the hospital where she was at), and to letters to the family from all of those who knew her and loved her. I sat for a good half hour and read through them all (there was a good stack!). It was truly touching and brought me to (happy) tears. She was loved by so many.

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I bought a piece of artwork last year at a show near Chicago and it made me cry when I saw it.That’s all I’ll say about that :)

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I am a regular waterworks. I cry at moving commercials.

What you are describing though, was a wonderful experience in which you got to relieve people’s memories of your mom. How lovely for you to have that.

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When my ex-wife used to throw knives and telephones at me… it touched me so deeply it brought me to tears.

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I recently read this
It brought a tear to my eye thinking that the US government would murder 10,000 US citizens for violating a morality law.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies wow. You’re a class act.~

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@jjmah Did you add another “j” or has my eyesight changed?

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I bawl for commercials, songs, movies, books and poetry. And stuff my kids tell me about their daily interactions. They really make me proud. What a nice moment for you, and how lovely that you shared it with us.

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Lots of moments – realizing the love I feel for my husband usually does it.

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Many times, but just last night this happened as I was looking through old photo albums at my Mother’s house. Seeing family members that have died, seeing pictures of my father, seeing me and my sisters as kids, remembering how much we’ve loved each other. It brings tears to me now.

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Sunday I got a standing ovation during my last awards ceremony after 7 years as a Cub Scout leader…that was a big “wow” surprise for me.

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Since becoming a mother many years ago, the floodgates have opened wide. One memorable experience was seeing the movie Balto with my younger son years ago. The story is about the dog team that brought antibiotics to Nome, Alaska during an epidemic. It is an animated film and the last scene is live-action and shows Rosie, a little girl who was saved by the medicine, as a grandmother showing her granddaughter the real statue of Balto in Central Park. I started bawling my eyes out and looked around to see every other parent and grandparent in the theatre crying too!

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At the birth of my kids.I turned to goo.An absolutely overwhelming life changing event.I’m Dad & big kid rolled into one.

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@janbb We have a book about Balto, and when my daughter was in preschool she wanted to read it constantly. For a while, whenever she got a cold or other virus, she’d get worried and ask, “Do I have diptheria?!”

I tear up over stories about unexpected generosity. If I happen to catch an episode of “Ellen” where she surprises someone who has been struggling to make ends meet, then gives them a car and some cash, I start to cry. I can’t watch “Extreme Home Makeover” without shedding a tear or two.

Sometimes I even feel weepy when I see my kids, who normally love to torment each other, do sweet things. One night my son was sick and couldn’t sleep. He was just crying and miserable. My daughter (his sworn enemy) let him climb into her bed where she read him stories until he fell asleep.

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Oh, and I found a few packs of Lupin seeds (from the East Coast of Canada). They’ve been kept in a dry, dark place and are probably 3 years old (still good, I would think). I’m planting those puppies! They were my Moms.

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@MissAusten I’m the same way with generosity. I love seeing that some people here can still stick together and change another life who wasn’t so lucky

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Oh yeah. Going through my Mom’s things….finding things she’d written as she was descending into dementia. Knowing she was writing these things to prove to herself that she was OK. Like her name. The names of her kids….all mis spelled and/or missing letters. :(

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I cried when I read certain sections of Tess of the D’Urbervilles and Middlemarch. I’m a sucker for really good literature.

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I found this poem amongst the sympathy cards. I like it.

A butterfly lights beside us, like a sunbeam…
and for a brief moment it’s glory
and beauty belong to our world…
but then it flies on again, and although
we wish it could have stayed,
we are so thankful to have seen it at all.

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I cried almost everyday seeing the love family members had for the loved one that was dying. Of course, there was the opposite, too.

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Every time I read my late wifes diaries or look at her drawings. She was a remarkably courageous woman (as well as being perfect in every way). When I visit her grave, I lose control completely.

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Oh, lots of times. Most recenlty a daydream. National Guard ads, too :D. Manly man that I am, it’s more the tears-well-up variety and not outright bawling.

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My full name is tinyfaery cries for everything.

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Forest Gump, Click

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Anyone old enough to be here who hasn’t doesn’t have a pulse.

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@thriftymaid Are you suggesting that there’s something wrong about not having a pulse? ~

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@Nullo Thanks for the chuckle.

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I was on a shoot for a documentary movie about the now-adult children of der Kindertransport. A Rutgers professor who’d been sent to England as a toddler before WWII broke out, fostered out and raised there, and had moved to the US years later was reunited with his mother, the woman who’d sent him to safety. He thought she’d been gassed at Dachau and she had had no idea how to find her son after the war.

She’d remarried and moved to the US herself, and had a couple more kids. Her first husband had been murdered in the camps. He’d done the research to find her and found her. At the time they met again, they hadn’t seen each other for 61 years and it turned out that mother and son had been living about 50 miles away from each other for several years.

To see her face, knowing that she really was with her son… you had to be there.

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I saw a WWII veteran with a beret covered in medals being wheeled into an outdoor range/WWII re-enactment thing that I went to once by his grandson. An Army Ranger that was there shooting his M1 Garand (the main battle rifle of WWII) and he handed it to the old vet and let him shoot. He started crying and talking about his buddies and memories of the war. It pains me to realize that I will likely see his entire generation die off.

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My brother in law Mike did that to me last weekend when he told me about his niece.
Mike’s brother was killed a few years ago, and his sister in law commited suicide just after, leaving their daughter an orphan.
She went to stay with family, but was molested by her cousins (she was 8 or so), so was moved again.
She is now 10, and living with her Aunt, Mike’s sister.
Mike has really good connections with Disneyland, and the Disney family. He made plans, and took his niece to the Park. She was dressed as her favorite character, Sleeping Beauty.
At the planned time, Mike and his niece walked thru a prearranged part of the park, and saw Sleeping Beauty there waiting for them. Sleeping Beauty rushed up to Mike’s niece, and hugged her, called her by name, and said “I dreamed of you while I was sleeping!”
Sleeping Beauty and Mike’s niece then went on a couple rides together (including “Small World”), and had a nice visit.
Mike’s niece was beside herself with joy over this.

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When I first talked to my best guy friend (who i like) on the phone..i woke up crying happily the next morning! :O

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My oldest child at the time, was 7 years old and we were visiting a friend of mine who has a pool. Well I’m sure I have the first set of kids who
failed the YMCA swimming classes.

During our visit, as my friend and I were talking around the pool, when suddenly my friend stopped
talking and just began pointing at the pool. Upon my view, my precious little one was sliding down into the deep end of the pool(remember, she can’t swim!) Well, supermom that I am, I jumped in; with all my clothes on. My child was as calm as she could during the entire incident. When I said to her that I was shocked at how calm she was, her response to me? “Mom, I knew you would come get me and save me!”

It was by far an aww moment. She knew I would be there. Six years later and I still tear up!

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I proudly admit that I tear up when some song, piece of art, passage in a book, or storyline in a movie moves me. Big boys do cry.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I’ve thought about that same type thing myself. A dear friend who is a WWII vet went to a Navy thing in D.C. in the past year or two and he could hardly tell me about it and stay composed. I fear he won’t be us for too many more years and it makes me sad.

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How about Joannae Rochette skating at the olympics after her mother who died Sunday?

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@faye That had me going – waterworks!

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And didn’t she do beautifully?

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Nothing that comes close to your family story but my dog came to me when I was really down and he just looked up at me with big round eyes and laid his head on my knee, pressing down on it a little.

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Today, it was this, that goes this.

Happy tears

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@jjmah What an incredible story!

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I feel bad for anyone who can go through life without having an experience that makes them feel that way!

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Watching the show,’‘The Buried Life’’.They’re just four bestfriends who are exploring the world and experiencing things that make them believe that anyone can do anything.At every episode,i honestly end up crying because they are just so inspiring and meaningful to me.They do all this crazy shit that they want to do before they die and at every episode,they go off and help other people do what they would like to do before they die.There was this one episode where a man has never met his son and the guys try to find the son and once they do,the dad calls his son up and its such a sweet moment.There was another episode where they tried to compete in a krump competition and there was this man who lived in a bad/harmful neighborhood which has shootings and ect,and he got locked up in jail once and his grandmother came and bailed him out and said ’‘You will alwyas be my favorite grandson’’ and he has lost 3 of his friends in one month and it makes you think ’‘wow,how would i feel if i lost my bestfriends?’’ and such and his grandmother has survived in two open heart surgeries and its really sad.So then,all the wanted to do before he died was to get his grandmother to listen to one of his songs on the radio about the stuggle through his life and hers and it was such a beautiful moment when the Buried Life boys gathered around with the guy and his grandmother and played the song on the radio and ahhh,it was inspiring and amazing.There’s many more great moments and I can go on for days about this,shit I can even write a whole book about it but I won’t haha.(: This show touches me alot and makes ME realize that anyone can do anything.

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