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Imagine you discovered a new type of matter or element on another planet, what would it be?

Asked by erichw1504 (26398points) February 23rd, 2010

Describe what this new type of matter or element is.

What would you call it? What characteristics does it hold? What could it provide for us humans, if anything? What new things could it make? How would it change science and our world as a whole? Would it provide any advantages or disadvantages? Would it make you rich? Any other significant details you can provide?

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I would find an amazing mineral that has no known useful qualities but would make me millions of dollars. It would be SO valuable that I would extinguish an entire species to get it. Oh, and I would name it something really cool and unique, like Unobtanium.

Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

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Valarainium. I have no idea what it does.

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I don’t think discoveries work like that.

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@Captain_Fantasy What do you mean? Remember the question starts with “Imagine”.

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I would love to discover a radioactive mineral that would shrink the heads of all Lobbyists and any politician exposed to a Lobbyist. I would call this miracle mineral Porktonium!

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Bullshitonite! It’s nothing new and we have it here in abundance.It has made alot of people rich.

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Compassion. It would allow us to provide basic health care and a modest standard of living for everyone in the world.

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Oshitenite, we just wiped out another world in the name of God and greed just like our founders of our countries have done.

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I am sure whatever I discovered would be quickly adopted by the adult entertainment industry. So, I should name it something like goodpornium.

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It’s an unlimited supply of energy—potential energy—but no one can figure out how or why. (It’s also blue.)

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a new kind of cheese

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I’d find a planet that has nothing but pillows on it everywhere, for some reason. Pillows, soft.

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It would eliminate all the problems form A to Z, that are on this planet. It would look like powder.

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I’d find an explosive element that I’d call Illudium. You know, like Marvin the Martian’s “Illudium Q-36 Space Modulator.” :)

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Room temperature superconductor.

Sure, unobtanium. Whatever.

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I can hardly stop my giggling. I would like to harness the power of contradictium. Contradictium would in the presence of gravitational attraction or say neon have the opposite properties. So it could be gravitationally repelling or suck day glow colors in instead of emitting them.

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Oh… I see; I was going with the “imagine if I found a new element” not the “imagine I could discover any element I wanted to” scenario, so I went with what would probably happen, ergo “a new kind of cheese” – interesting, perhaps more likely than anything mildly applicable to a problem, and almost entirely useless!

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Blevinsium, chemical symbol BS, in the inert gas column of the periodic table. Commonly found in meetings, esp. with govt officials, and essays.

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