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Stay with my girlfriend pt.2

Asked by imcelv (4points) March 4th, 2008 from iPhone

when I try talking to her about moving on she says can we just not talk about it and just try to move on when I want to make sure im not screwing myself again. But she says she just wants start over and not think about the past but I just want to make sure she still loves me and shes says she won’t be like the past and I said I wouldnt either but I just want to make sure so I want to talk about it, should I just listen to her and just move on and not say anything or keep trying to figure it out, I just really love her but I want to make sure she loves me as much as she did before. Is there a way to find out what should I do to find out if she really means what she says and if she really loves me and really wants to be with me. Help please

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