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What is your book about?

Asked by Sampson (3558points) February 23rd, 2010

You just wrote a book and it’s at the top of the best seller’s list. What is it about?

What are all of the critics saying?

What’s the title?

Why is it selling so well?

What would be the design on the cover?

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It’s called Zombie Pornstar and it’s selling so well because it’s about zombies and porn.

The end.

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“Title pending”
About a fine gentleman, his invitation to a tea party, and all the events afterward
They say it is a witty intelligent book that can be read by absolutely everyone
It is a great book that interests youth
Black with white letters

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What a long, strange trip it’s been.
Who cares?
What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been.
Who cares?
A Grateful Dead album cover.

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I’m an artist, so the cover would be one of my pieces. Currently, I’m making x-ray images of my grandmother’s doll collection that went through Katrina. The book would be about new orleans and the little culture that does exist in america is disappearing under everyones nose. I’m no writer so it would be mostly images.

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It is the true story of a young girl. Thrown into a world of abuse and abduction.
Growing up and accepting that being a domestic slave is what she was born to be.
A sociopath, accepting a life of false hope and role playing.

The most compelling story since Sybil.

The cover is that of a young girl, peeking out of the closet door. With a hand reaching in to grab her.

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How I got bipolar and made a million ten million dollars

About some old dude who goes crazy and writes a book about it and makes ten million dollars. Kind of metapolar, if you know what I mean.

Quick! I need a Scotch!

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Title: Levels of awareness. (May change the title…)
Topic: Applied philosophy and neuropsychology.
Progress: 40%-ish.

Would sell well because it is applied, yet fully explained so easy for people missing the underlying thoughts to catch up and progress.

I don’t care what the critics will say, but hopefully they too will be able to go up a step in the ladder of awareness. Then they may say something more positive than they ordinarily would.

Design – something in Green, just the title. And maybe a ladder – who knows.

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@Vunessuh I’m totally buying it.

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Title: “WTF!... or the Meaning of Life and How to Peacefully Coexist and Obtain True Happiness” in simple black block letters against a white backround available on 100% recycled paper or digital download produced and sold at cost with zero profit.

Critics report: The author, a mystery man who goes by the name “WTF” thoroughly and simply defines life, answers all the mysteries of the universe, redefines the Golden Rule, details the necessary diet and describes the appropriate behavior that will put a smile on your face snd have you hugging your neighbor and wondering: “why didn’t I think of that”. As WTF writes: “If you seek money or power over others, get out of here. If you seek happiness and control of your own existence, well wtf, I think I can help, so please read on.”
See ya….Gary aka wtf

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“The Life Of An Insurance Adjuster” by Bobo!

What are the critics saying? They are saying, “how in the Hell did you do that job for 25 years?”

It is selling so well because people are interested in a job where you have guns pulled on you, people cursing you out, and people threatening you with life and limb.

Will have to give some thought to the cover of the book..ummmm

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@BoBo1946 – how about a picture of yourself with a gun in your mouth. :-)

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@ChazMaz lmao…came damn close to having that done…

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@Vunessuh -I must get a copy too!

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It’s called,“Bob,and Other Short Stories”
The critics give it 5 out of 5 yawns and it will be made into a movie starring Fabio.I’m sure it will be a sleeper.

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The Hypnonaut, A pan-dimensional Love Story

It’s about a college freshman whose dreams reveal the abusive past of his new love interest and clues about how he can help her.

I don’t know what the critics say because I’m actually writing this and I’m not done yet.

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An action/comedy/coming-of-age sci-fi story called “Asteroid Dawn.”
Circumstance forces our young hero to leave his home on an asteroid mining station and find his place in the galaxy. He starts a boring new life with a starliner maintenance company, cleaning and repairing massive ships and fighting off the occasional band of pirates. Then one day he finds a stowaway in one of the holds. A very important stowaway…

The critics are bitterly divided over it. Some hate it because it’s troperiffic. Some love it for its classic themes, and its engaging, dramatic plot, and for having an ending that, though somewhat cliche’d, is impossible not to like.
The public loves it, mostly for the same reasons that the critics do. It’s especially popular with the Young Adult bracket.

The cover art is in the style of Vincent Di Fate, John Harris, or possibly Rodney Matthews and depicts a spaceship moving to dock with a station high above the immense curve of a planet. Or something.

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Captive Risk
The back cover blurb reads:
“In a world where slavery is not only legal, but totaly acceptable, Karl, a wealthy businessman, is a political rebel, who has always hated slavery and refused on principle to ever own one. But when he encounters a young slave being mistreated he reacts the only way he knows – with money, and thereby finds himself owning a slave, against every principle that he has. Through this young slave, he uncovers a crime ring involving pit fighting and murder. Suddenly thrown into a darker world of which he has no understanding, Karl must use all his wits to bring the criminals to justice.”

Critics are saying that it’s groundbreaking approach to homosexuality proves that it really is possible for a hero to be gay, and still be a hero. Fans are loving it, the internet is full of fanfiction and there is talk of a movie starring Hugh Jackman and Jude Law.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Sounds interesting. All the best luck to you for this project. :)

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Meghans Story. The book actually exists in ms form. My ladys story. From childhood abuse to a relationship of horrific physical and sexual abuse. Her recovery in loving hands to becoming a psychologist. One of her drawings most likely on the cover. It will probably never see publication, at least not in my lifetime.

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Something intriguing that conveys the message that it’s about the quirky, fun, funny, and epic parts of my life.

What it’s about:
I kind of already said – it’s about the quirky, fun, funny, epic parts of my life. Actually, it wouldn’t actually be about me, just based on my life. I would change it quite a lot…but get the ideas from normal life. And it would be about a person my age so I could make it realistic. I’ve always like Anne of Green Gables and Little Women….It would be so fun to make a book kind of like that. But that would never happen. :)

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I’m not sure. I just know it’s definitely going to be about violence and how I love it so much.

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@neverawake: as perpetrator or victim?

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Title: Impalin’ Sarah: Jokes, Riddles and Accusations Aimed at Someone in Particular

The critics say: “Amazing! I thought they “skewered” her on SNL, but this book has really finished her off!” “I’m impressed. I thought that all of the good Palin jokes had already been done.”

Cover: A picture of a hand with “Sarah Palin” written and crossed out.

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Title: Phantasmaria

I don’t care what the critics say.

The story(a trilogy in fact that I am actually writing and am working on the final novel right now) centers around a 16 year old prince, Sakriel, who discovers he is a necromancer and must save the world from, of course, a Dark Lord named Zalmoxis, and it’s pretty epic, and very violent in some parts, and has many long, epic battles with monsters, necromancers, wizards, etc, etc. It’s kind of like harry potter, but on steroids, and with lots of BLOOD and biblical allegories.

The novels in the Phantasmaria trilogy are:

The Phantom Agony (complete)
The Phantom Extinction (complete)
The Phantom Renascence (currently writing)

So, if anyone out there is a publisher, hint hint!


Book 1: Sakriel wearing a skull mask with a kingdom behind him with the sun high in the sky.

Book 2: Father(a major character) wearing a skull mask with a mechanical angel standing in a paradise behind him with a setting sun.

Book 3: Zalmoxis(the Dark Lord) wearing a skull mask with a wasteland behind him with the moon high in the sky.

It’s selling well because it’s a coming of age story with a very creative approach as well as a child’s view on death, depression, loss, and life in general. :)

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Extraterrestrial Superwork

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It’s called the Iceberg Method. It’s a woman and her friends who represent her ID, Superego, and Ego. They’re all dsyfunctional and it’s about how they learn to function with each other as the girl grows up. The critics love it and it’s selling because Oprah told everyone to buy it. The cover is of four girls in a pool, all underwater, only the main girls head is above water. Or of an iceberg. :)

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Title = The Island

Subject = An Island of female sex slaves, the men who use them and…. (you’ll have to read it to find out)

It is about ½ completed.

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Title = The Future Happens Twice

Subject = Four rebellious kids on a starship being raised by a male and female android

Not so sure about the bestseller’s list. Too many science fiction books out there.

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@Ria777 the perpetrator of course.

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