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Anyone know where I can get an 18" subwoofer enclosure?

Asked by pikipupiba (1629points) February 23rd, 2010

(Google has failed me :/ )

Only need 1 slot.
Can be sealed or ported.
Less than $50.


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My first attempt would be Best Buy, though I am not sure 50$ would be a realistic price for it there.

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@ChaosCross That’s why I am thinking the internet is gonna be my best bet.

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No, but there’s tons of plans on the internet for building them, and it doesn’t seem like it would be too expensive or difficult. Plus then when people ask about it you can say you built it!

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Wow, I was shocked at the prices when I googled this. I vote for do-it-yourself, too, after seeing prices starting at $150.

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I’m with @JONESGH on this one, build your own. I did it once, for two 15” woofers, to fit into a specific space in the back of my little brother’s pickup. The specs for the speaker should tell you what volume you need in your box. You can then make your own plan (if you’re any good at math), or as mentioned, there are already existing plans available on the net for free. The parts (like a port, or the speaker connections) are available at any decent audio store, or electronics store (like Frys). Lumber…Home Depot. Give it a try, it was actually really fun, and only took me about 4 hours.

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I’d check to see if the driver is compatible with a ported enclosure (or a sealed enclosure) before you buy. As a rule, you cannot use a driver designed for a sealed enclosure in a ported box.

Where did you get an 18” driver, anyway? A couple of 10s is more than enough for anything smaller than the QE2.

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I got it off eBay. I am planning on this being the main subwoofer for my frat house. (I am rethinking our sound system)

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