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What makes lingerie sexy?

Asked by Kelci33 (165points) February 23rd, 2010 from iPhone

Why do guys even like lingerie?

I don’t get why it can change the entire mood and vibe of a night just by articles of clothing that usually don’t stay on long anyways?

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The woman in it.
See ya…Gary/wtf

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@whatthefluther You’re not around often, sadly, but when you are :-)

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It’s sexy because it’s not worn every day. Like fine wine, it makes the occasion.

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I like the sex appeal lingerie. But I also like skin tone.

It is the process of removing the lingerie that is so nice.

Now sexy shoes are my weakness.

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You don’t see it everyday as a normal article of clothing. It brings fantasy and prior mystery to life. If women strolled around in lingerie like Fredericks of Hollywood everyday, it wouldn’t be as special.

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I don’t find lingerie terribly sexy at all. Usually it’s a woman’s idea of what might be sexy. Sexy shoes are another matter. strappy little stilettos…..YESSSS!!!

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Because we’ve said it is enough that it’s become a part of our sexual consciousness – Its taboo-ness. It’s technically a fetish.
It’s interesting that people have mentioned shoes here a couple times, which doesn’t do a thing for me, also a fetish.

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@whatthefluther dang, was going to write that…“beat me to the punch!”

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I didn’t know I it was the lace or what, but point taken.

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Shoe fetish…No! Shoes can be sexy without being a fetish.

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Seems like everyone has a “thing” that gets them going – this is a pretty typical one.

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@plethora I think it depends on definition – if there’s some sort of sexual arousal from an inanimate object, that’s a fetish – even if only mild.

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The bullet-proof vest ;)

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Gary beat me to it. (Smart man).

To me Lingerie is sexy when worn by the woman I love. Also the super hot models they hire for the ads. :)

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Because it suggests nakedness.

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How easy it is to take off.
Also, it means your about to get some, that’s why it changes the mood

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@FishGutsDale “it means your about to get some” ahahahahahahahahahaha.

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Removed by BoBo!

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@rangerr :) hahaha what can i say?

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@FishGutsDale It’s the truest answer.

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<<<<<——This guy likes it because watching a lady seductively move around in it and then you getting to provocatively and intimately remove it makes it very sexy, in my opinion. The anticipation of what is to come is seriously appealing.

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It’s sexy because it reveals tantalizing parts of the body, but there’s still some secrecy to her shape.

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My wearing it!
jiggles pelvis

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@ninjacolin… such a boner-kill

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when i wear it, it’s sexy because it’s silky and when the guy rubs my tits or where ever, it just adds a layer of tactile sensation, plus it’s always cold to wear it so the tits are always hard and asking for touching, and asking to be exposed by him revealing them, and they’re just begging to be sucked.

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@jca That was the best answer all day.

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I don’t find it sexy at all. I find it pretty stupid if they’re trying to impress someone.

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It heightens the anticipation of what will come next!

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