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Am i leaving high school with the right friends?

Asked by Utta_J (252points) February 23rd, 2010

Lately feel like i dont know my friends its like one of them buys the other two gifts and dont get me nothing so i dont buy them nothing, the other gets on my nerves every other week and the other is cool dont get me wrong but you know how you always have your main group of friends? they are mine, and i dont know i hope they are still my friends for senior day because i need a ride lol jus kidding but seriously am i leaving high school with the wrong friends? Or do you think i should just dump them after graduation and start clean? because i just haven’t found that friend that i could hang with all day and we can have a girls night out….theres nothing wrong with the one i hang out with now (the one i have no problem with) But the rest im about to say screw it ill see you during the high school reunion in 30 years? but most of the time they are fun.

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If you feel like you want new friends, make new friends. But honestly, after high school if you’re going to college or moving away it won’t matter who your friends were in high school,it’s your chance to start over.

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If a fresh start is what you need then after graduation is the time to do it. I think if they were the right friends for you then you wouldn’t be asking this question. Jonesgh is right.

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My mom used to tell me “You’ll never see any of these people again.” She was right.

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Perhaps you should ask yourself which of your friends are like minded. If you have goals and issues in common with any of them,you might want their input after high school.

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High school is fun and all and everything seems gravely important especially friends but consider that you are picking them from a fairly small pool of human beings. Once you graduate the whole world will be your oyster and you are free to go out and expand your friend pool! You will be just fine making new higher quality friends.

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I have not maintained a close friendship with anyone I attended high school with. I have maintained close friendships with several people I have known longer but had met outside of school in youth organizations from which we had shared interests. As @Cruiser said, there is a whole world of new and interesting people out there,so I wouldn’t worry too much about keeping up with your school friends. See ya….Gary/wtf

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Don’t worry so much about keeping the same friends. You will make new friends. You will all go your separate ways after high school.

Why not keep your eye out to meet some new people?

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You’ll meet awesome people when you get into college or the working world. You don’t necessarily have to dump the ones you have now, but you can if you want to. Things will work out on their own, so you will end up with the people who are worth your while.

It’s like going from a pond into the ocean. Your options become seemingly limitless after you graduate. Have fun!

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i’m also having that situation right now
but i don’t know what to do
i’m scared they will be upset
now the situation is like i’ve got no friends at all
it makes me headache
i’ve read all the answers here
it’s calming me now thank you

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These things work themselves out. If they are meant to be in your life, they will. If any are a negative energy, or become so, then you you should think of distancing yourself. I personally don’t have any friends from high school that I am still in contact with. Just the way it works out sometimes. Your young and have many paths before you. Don’t sweat the friends thing. Good luck.

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It scared all of us too. Have some good times
with these friends and then just keep going.

You awake tenderness in us toward our own
younger selves. Thank you.

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