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When (and if) you crave something sweet, what do you usually go for?

Asked by Jude (32144points) February 23rd, 2010

Alas, I am out of chocolate. :( Sometimes, when I crave something sweet, a stick of gum will do the trick.

What about you?

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I love dark chocolate!!

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Chocolate or a sugar cube like a horse.Neigh,I am not picky ;)

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Not too big on candy, but if I really wanted to I’d probably go for some dark chocolate. The darker the better!

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Chocolate and goldfish… yum

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Honey or chocolate syrup off the warm belly of my sweetie! Yum!

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Green apple licorice.

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A sugary drink!
Hot chocolate or a flavoured latte (hot or iced) or juice or iced tea made from crystals or maybe a soda.
Come to think of it, sometimes I just eat the iced tea powder on its own.

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Oh, almost forgot. Chocolate covered pretzles!!! I’m a sucker for sweet & salty snacks.

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Something artificially sweetened. Or fruit. I’m a diabetic, unfortunately. =(

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one piece is never enough

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When there is nothing else in the larder, I hit the Nestle’s Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips.

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Cupcakes. nomnom Or caramel cake.

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Chocolate, twizzlers, cookies, cake, pudding, I could go on and on.

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It’s rare that there is no chocolate at all in my apartment. Now that my roomies’ dad is retired, he indulges in his hobby of making chocolate candy. His specialties are ginger-infused and with roasted peanuts. Otherwise, I have chocolate-flavoured tea… Hmm. I’ll be right back. Have to put the kettle on.

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I usually just grab whatever is around when I have a craving for sweets. I have a serious sweet tooth, so if it has sugar and isn’t grape flavored or otherwise gross, I’ll eat it.

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Raw cookie dough. Chocolate chip.

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It varies. I go through moods. I always love milk chocolate (solid, pretzels, cookies, candy bar), but lately my thing is S’mores Pop Tarts.

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The old standby – chocolate chip cookies and milk.

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Fried bananas and vanilla yogurt.

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I usually like to balance it out with something healthy. Apples and peanut-butter, or strawberries and nutella.

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Kneel and bow before the delicious confectionery delight of the lava cake. Chocolate cake filled with warm, gooey thick chocolate sauce, lightly sprinkled with powdered sugar. It takes chocolate to a whole, nubba, lebbel. This little piece of sin is as close to orgasmic eating as I’ve ever come. (No pun intended!)
Next to this, a stick of gum is….paled into insignificance. If this is what I crave, there is no substitute. And I will harm anyone attempting to get in my way.

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@Trillian lava cakes are mouthgasmic!

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candy of course. usually warheads or some other sour candy.

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Oddly gummy bears. Ew. I don’t like them but sometimes crave them.

But another one is chocolate covered strawberries.

Or waffles with peanut butter, syrup and bananas! Yum

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Whatever we have around the house. I’m about to go get some chocolate ice cream right now =) And I might make cookies tomorrow shh

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Most deffinitely ice cream :) Apples with peanut butter! :) Pizza!!! :) Cookies! <3

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I find that almonds are a good replacement for chocolate; healthier too!

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Either sugar dusted strawberries or plums, and if money is tight, this.

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A scoop of Nutella did the trick. I feel much better now.

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Cake, cookies or brownies.


It’s funny, but unlike a lot of people, I hate chocolate, especially milk chocolate. I generally don’t have a sweet tooth (I have more of a “salty tooth”), but when I crave something sweet, I like to eat homemade gingerbread cake, made with cane syrup, ginger, cinnamon, and cloves. Yum.

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Gimme a C… Gimme an H… gimme an O… need I continue?

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Mt. Dew. Does that count? I like cheese more than chococlate. Cheese is melty. :)

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Ice cream, fruit, or hot cocoa.

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@jimah nutella… yummm

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Holy crap, Nutella. Yes. I’m grabbing a spoon… I’m using the step-stool to get the jar (it’s on the top shelf with all the other delicious scoopables)... unscrewing the lid… sigh. Sweet melty delight.

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Chocolate. Anything else is a waste of calories!

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Almond Joy.

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I very rarely crave sweets, I’m more of a savory type. But when I do eat them I love peanut butter cookies, brownies, boysenberry pie and pumpkin pie.

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Those trail mix bags you can buy that have dried fruit, nuts, m and m’s and chocolate covered pretzels.

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I crave sweets all the time. As a matter of fact, I crave food a lot. I usually chew a piece of gum or drink a bunch of water.

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I have a huge bag of chocolates bits and very small dishes to put them in for when I have to have a bit of chocolate or die.

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