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Are there questions you avoid on Fluther, although you consider yourself an expert?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (31328points) February 23rd, 2010

There was a question about twelve step programs today that I didn’t answer, even though I’ve been a regular member of one for over ten years. Many of the answers already there were incendiary, and I just didn’t want to get involved.

Are there categories of questions that you avoid? Have you ever intentionally not answered a question even though you knew a lot about the subject?

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Jumping through flaming hoops is one I try to avoid as the possibilities are endless and I refuse to be drawn into discussions without established boundaries.

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“How can I get over that person who dumped me?”

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Yes, mostly because I have answered the same type of question on here before and feel that others should get the chance to give their answers.

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Yes. Racial conversations, specifically those concerning blacks (african-American, “colored”).

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I generally avoid video game questions like the plague. And I consider myself knowledgeable.

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There have been several questions recently that I could have answered, but I didn’t feel like going into arguments with people who have no clue what they’re doing. It’s like trying to converse with a toddler on the health affects of the high fructose corn syrup in his cookie.

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Although I’ve been in the military for more than two decades now and I have amassed a large amount of knowledge about it, sometimes I won’t always answers questions having to do with the military itself. This usually stems from the fact that there are other military members here, and veterans, that answer these types of questions equally well and sometimes even better than I could in some cases. And, on occasion, if they beat me to a military question that I want to take a shot at and they answer it exceedingly well, there probably isn’t much need for me to go in and give my two cents after the fact.

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I’m getting a little tired of the “any fucker with half a finger could find this answer on google questions”..unless of course they’re youngsters at which point I may indulge them.

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Linguistics, I get really annoyed with people who aren’t accepting of different dialects and think a certain group don’t speak correctly because their dialect isn’t standard.

Also religious questions because I find most people just want to poke fun and don’t care about actually learning why people believe something.

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GA-@hug of war! I second that!

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@frdelrosario YES! I agree. Or ‘why won’t he call me?’ or some other such nonsense. And there’s SO many sex questions on here anymore. This site is flooded with them. Now I don’t particularly consider myself an “expert” on it & I like to talk about it just as much as the next person, but it’s getting really boring & mundane. So many questions anymore I just scroll past.

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I fear no question!Woof!

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I try to stay away from the questions that have an upward inflection at the end of them.

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they keep you young!

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I tend to not bother with questions I have answered repeatedly because I am tired of them. I also stay away from Holocaust questions since about a year ago for personal reasons.

I have not encountered these on Fluther yet but did at my last q & a website.

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Yes, because sometimes I don’t feel like writing detailed explanations about how to open a Word document.

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I try to avoid metal questions.
The answer is always Sabbath.
Also I’m kind of an elitist, when someone recommends/mentions a band I dislike, I cringe

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There are some points that I am done arguing.

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Yeah, like this one… oh, wait.

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Certainly: like abortion qs because they always devolve into god talk (but I do come around some of ‘em hoping it’ll be different this time but it never is) and some questions that are pitting men against women.

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Religious or Race Questions, if they even get asked. Believe me, im a White Southern Male, and anything I do is pretty much Racist.

Their really is no point in discussing Religion in my opinion. Believe what you want and don’t bother other people about theirs. Its not like your going to change anyones views about something as important as this to themselves anyway.

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@ChaoSS as a white southern male, nothing you do has to be racist unless something you do is, do you get the difference?

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@ChaoSS You are momentously misguided if you believe that there “is no point in discussing religion.”

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Not really. There don’t seem to be all that many homosexuality-themed questions, but I answer as many of them as I can. I never get tired of sharing my opinion on those matters.

The questions I avoid are the ones I’m not that well-equipped to answer. I don’t think I avoid any questions that I would be good at answering.

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I don’t consider myself to be in expert in anything, really.

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I try. I really do.

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I almost never answer questions about questions I don’t answer, but I’m making an exception in this case.

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— I avoid just about every question that takes the form “If you could nnnn one xxxx, what would it be?” I think most speculative questions of that sort are contrived and pointless.
— I dodge those where I know very well, sight unseen, that the answers are going to make me mad. There’s no sense in coming on here just to lose my temper.
— I usually stay away from the “Does he like me?” and “Can I get him back?” questions because, honestly, who knows?
— I skip most questions that are meant as bait either for or by the rabidly irrational Christians.
— I don’t bother to answer questions that have already been answered well and helpfully by people who know what they’re talking about. “Me, too” answers are generally not of much use.
And finally,
— There are some users whose questions I don’t look at. For one reason or another, it’s best if we simply don’t cross virtual paths.

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Yes, there are many questions I could answer, but I don’t for the same reasons you have stated.

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The evolution ones can be hard. It’s so complex that it’s hard to explain even to someone who wants to learn about it, let alone someone who’s not even open to it. There’s no arguing with that. If I get to an evolution Q too late, I can’t be bothered to read through and figure out if someone’s given the right answer yet… it’s just too painful to read through all the ignorant answers.

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As an expert on which question to avoid questions, I must avoid this question altogether.

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I think you’re being Paranoid
ok maybe the answer always is sabbath

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I’m not an expert on anything, and I never let my ignorance interfere with my weighing in on something. :)

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I avoid a few Jellies, (obviously you’re not one of them)
I avoid stupid questions.
I avoid questions that have more than 50 answers.
I avoid questions that have evolved into a private conversation.

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I tend to avoid questions about abortion, religion or general politics. I just don’t see the point. Most NSFW questions because they get tedious. Questions that try too hard to be ‘deep’.

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I generally don’t give medical advice, other than “stop asking questions here and go see a doctor”.

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I avoid topics that I’m tired of. So, after staying away from a topic for a while, I might come back to it. Religion, politics and health care are topics I have grown tired of, but have occasionally come back to. I also avoid questions where what I want to say has already been said. I may sometimes follow questions that I know nothing about just to see what I can learn.

And I’m sorry you didn’t answer the question about twelve step programs. I should have worked to dampen the “incendiaries” that were firing off. But I promise you that I, at least, am interested to see what you have to say, and I hope you don’t feel like you have to defend anything you have to say. Please just put it out there (if you haven’t already).

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Actually, I did think of a topic that I am good at answering but am sick of discussing: Christmas. I am done talking about Christmas and Santa Clause and all that. Everyone here knows my opinion on them and I am never talking about them again. :)

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Hi Jake,,I remember you from the past,,different world it seems.

I will avoid causing too many waves in the religions,the politics,and a few others.

I will try to add to any I see that I have a great deal of interest/knowledge in,and try my best to have mature conversation about.

Being absolutely new here,I haven’t had time to really get to know the site yet.(this is my #1 response)

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@KBC : welcome to the collective. I like it here. Enjoy.

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