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Which do you prefer facebook, twitter, or fluther?

Asked by ldeb (268points) February 23rd, 2010

Two parts to this question
First- which do you prefer or keep up with out of the three?I’m guess most people will be bias to fluther, but seriously what are the pros and cons to each site? .. or any similar sites that are worth mentioning?
Second-I’m new to fluther so I’m curious Any bad experiences? good experiences? get any bad advice? good advice?

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Need you ask!!?? Fluther.

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yes but answer the details…

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Fluther. Just because.

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Fluther allows you the freedom of expression without severe retaliation of differing opinions.

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The three are apples, oranges, and watermelons. Facebook, Twitter, and Fluther all serve different purposes, so one really cannot be preferred over the other two.

I find Twitter most useful of the three because it demands concise writing, while the other two are more comfortable for dumb people who cannot write clearly or succinctly.

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I like Twitbook…Easy to read with lots of pictures.

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FLUTHER! Oops, did I shout that?

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I like Facebook for the networking.

I like Twitter for what is basically, quick, mass instant messaging.

I lurve Fluther for the Jellies.

that shit you do fluther, it’s golden man. stay golden fluther. stay golden.

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I fail to see the attraction in giving the world a status update about what you’re currently doing, or keeping in touch with people that I didn’t even really like in high school.

Fluther is the only one for me.

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Which do you prefer or keep up with out of the three? Fluther

What are the pros and cons to each site?
Facebook: Pros: Keep up with family and friends, Cons: Too much Farmville activity.
Twitter: Pros: Keep up with just about anything in real time, Cons: Limited to 140 characters.
Fluther: Pros: Great community of users, interesting questions, no Farmvill crap, more than 140 character responses, nothing is like the Fluther experience!, Cons: Is up 24/7 but I am not.

Any bad experiences? No
Good experiences? Yes, learning from meaningful, thoughtful questions that are from interesting people I have gotten to know in the virtual world.
Got any bad advice? Why would you want bad advice?
Good advice? Stay with Fluther for a while and keep on lurvin’!

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Fluther is the best application. I can’t stand Twitter. It does not deserve the praise it gets. Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family.

Fluther is more fun and informative than the rest. Plus it has jellies.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities About to drop a deuce, see ya in a bit!

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@erichw1504 don’t forget to wipe

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@erichw1504 re: the farmville activity…. just block that app. Then you don’t have to deal with it.

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@stevenelliottjr Wow, if I had not received that message in real time I may have actually forgotten to! Thank god for such amazing technology.

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@erichw1504 what I ment was… Have you ever asked a question on fluther and recieved bad advice

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@ldeb Ooohh, of course! There’s always the stupid answers and purely unthoughtful ones.

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Not really comparable, but Fluther

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None of the above.

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none of them really. i only use these sites when i have absolutely nothing else to do.

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Facebook and Fluther. Twitter just seems pointless to me.

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Facebook and Fluther are not even comparable. They’re completely different and I use them for completely different things. Facebook is for friends, photos, and fun. Fluther is for opinions, debates, and fun. So while they have “fun” in common, they’re still completely different and do not serve the same function for me.

I don’t even use Twitter. Twitter is like Facebook statuses to the max. The Facebook status fulfills that need to share everything I’m doing and thinking enough.

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@ChaoSS I agree with you on the twitter thing. Except, of course, Shitmydadsays

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@Rarebear Shatner will play him in a sitcom.

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@erichw1504 I saw that yesterday. It’s an inspired choice, actually. Shatner is at his best when he plays roles that either poke fun at himself or his character. I thought he was brilliant in Boston Legal.

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Facebook and twitter suck.

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I’ve never twittered, ever. Facebook is a useful tool turned pointless addiction for me. I like it for keeping in touch all in one place. Fluther is cool for the brain activity it sparks. I have had times where I’ve getter better answers for things on facebook though, to be honest. I think both are good, just different.

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I’m trying to keep up with two out of three and find both FB and Fluther work for me. FB is closer to my heart with close friends and family being my main interest. Fluther is an interesting and entertaining read. I think it’s different strokes for different folks.

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Fluther. I could never find Facebook’s appeal, probably because I’m not terribly curious about the doings of my friends; I have one because I get a virtual Rolodex that other people update for me.
I have no interest in Twitter.

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@YoH “different strokes for different folks” I like that.

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Facebook for the social networking, I never used Twitter lol, Flurther because i love these types of websites. I am however an answerbag refugee who loved the old answerbag! I’m learning the ropes with fluther. I like it so far.

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@Mikelbf2000 Love the avatar! Go, go Power Rangers!

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