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What are all the details of a highschool reunion?

Asked by dr34m3r (308points) February 23rd, 2010

What is it?
Who organizes it?
When is it?
How do we remember to meet up?

What was your high school reunion like?

any other information would be appreciated

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Every HS reunion is different. Sometimes apathy hits everyone and nothing happens. Usually there are several people who like to visit the past; they start an organizing committee to see what the response is. Then it picks up steam.

Who did the PR and decorating for your HS dances? They would be likely candidates for Reunion Honcho.

The reunion can be anything from a picnic to a week-end orgy. The three HS reunions that I went to were fun.

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We have them every 5 years. There’s a committee of people who do it; usually it’s the class officers and, as @gailcalled said, the people who did the class dances. If you’re in high school, saving the school phone lists is helpful, because it’s hard to get hold of people, and it helps if you have their parent’s names.

Each reunion is different. Usually there’s a get-together at a bar on Friday night, for just classmates, dinner and dancing on Saturday night with spouses, and perhaps a golf scramble or picnic on saturday during the day.

Sometimes people make displays with class pictures or videos. Some schools are really organized and send out alumni communications a few times a year, and have a class contact. For our 10th, we had prizes for most changed, most children, came the furthest, most successful, etc. It was pretty fun.

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During Senior year, you elected Class President and Class Secretary. It is their responsablity to get a group together to organize Class Reunions.
Our graduating class was over 700, and the committee had to send out a show of interest letter to everyone to find out how big a venue we needed.

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