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How can I get the Nintendo Power calendar?

Asked by derektherock42 (191points) February 23rd, 2010

I’m kind of a rabid Nintendo fan, and I knew I had to have this calendar as soon as I saw it. The magazine said it was on “newsstands only”. So the next day, I was on an epic quest for a rad calendar.

I first went to the local Jewel Osco, where they have Nintendo Power, Rolling Stone… the works. Everything I’d ever need… except the calendar. It wasn’t there. Dang.

Next I went to Myers. Nope. Dominick’s. Nope. 7-Eleven. Nope.

Finally, I went to the Borders near me, where they have a huge newsstand with magazines of every sort. And it wasn’t there.

So, my fellow Flutherites, I pretty much give up. Does anybody know where to find this? Or what chain retailer has a good newsstand? Does this calendar even exist, or is it Nintendo Power playing a trick on me?

By the way, here’s the calendar:

Just look at it. Now you see why I want this so badly, right?

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I got mine at Booksamillion!

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@JONESGH That sounds great; unfortunately the nearest Booksamillion is very far away from me.

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@derektherock42 :( I’m sorry, can you not order it off the internet?

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@JONESGH I don’t think so. Nintendo Power said it’s “newsstands only” and their website doesn’t have a way to order it. I don’t want it off Ebay or something like that; I want two mint condition calendars (one to take out the stickers, etc, and one to keep mint condition forever). As dumb as that may seem, I won’t accept anything less.

Thanks for the help though! I might look for it again this weekend.

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Some Blockbusters carry Nintendo power.

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@Shecky_Johnson Tomorrow = Blockbuster Time

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Googled it, apparently it’s available at many grocery stores.

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Interesting, I can’t find it in my local grocery stores.

On a side-note… Holy shit, Google looks different!

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