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What is the symbol for video gaming as a whole?

Asked by JesusWasAJewbot (1505points) February 23rd, 2010

If you could pick one symbol to represent video gaming as a whole what would you pick?

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Frying pan with scrambled eggs!

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A clock thrown into a trashcan.

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Mario. Hands down.

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Perhaps a SNES controller, or just the D-pad.
Since every game has a d-pad.

Maybe Mario with a d-pad backdrop?

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Bloodshot eyes.

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A simplified, stylized graphic of an oversized thumb with a red glow emanating from it in the “thumbs up” position.

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Original nintendo system. NES, definately. As a child of the 80’s, that’s it for me.

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How about an arcade machine? A coin-op.

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A joystick and cord plugged in to the side of the head. Or a hand melted to the joystick controller.

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Someone drooling surrounded by energy drinks.

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Don’t take on your kids
They’re better than you

I speak from experience In their pockets i’m owned.

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Ive been trying to figure this out for a long time for a tattoo idea, but its been hard.

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I think I’d pick the D-pad, like @Nullo and @johnpowell mentioned.
Computer gaming’s symbol is of course, WASD.

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