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Fill in the blank: "Son/daughter, if you want to really make it in this world, you _______."?

Asked by mirifique (1537points) February 23rd, 2010

Parents or not, I’d be interested in how people would complete this blank now, for kids “these days” as opposed to 20–30 years ago.

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…need to take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and behaviour. You are the only person responsible for how your life goes.”

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You have to be yourself, believe in yourself, have compassion for others, ambition, passion and determination to achieve your goals and keep a rifle in the closet in case there’s a zombie invasion.

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Have to work, work, work, live.

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“you have to find what you love, and find a way to make a living doing it.”

For what it’s worth, I’m 17. My dream is to make a living playing video games. This dream will probably be crushed by the time I’m a parent.

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Don’t bite the hand that feeds you….at least not really hard…get at least a little taste if you are going to do it!

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“bust your balls and do whatever it takes, short of lying, stealing and fraud, to make it happen. If you want it, work for it. And hope you get lucky too. Hard work and a fair amount of good luck will get you where ever you want to go”

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Have to be strong and stay true to your morals no matter how much outside forces may influence you. Be competitive and know it’s okay to fall. Just remember to get back up and proceed when that happens.

@derektherock42 I am as well. I feel you. =)

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You will learn to think for yourself and not just go along. You will learn to make your living outside the box, and not just try to fit in with all the mediocre folk.

And be sure to read history, so you will learn of all the mistakes we’ve made, and you will not have to repeat them.

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“Destroy any competition, exploit your peers, subordinates and family and suck up to those above you until you are able to crush them. Strive for money, power and possession. Become a Capitalist or Politician.
Or you can be a normal Human being that is content with what he has and just does what he can do best.”

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…care for others as much as you care for yourself. You are a citizen of the world and the woes of others will eventually become yours.

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Since I’m not a parent I will go back in time and speak to my little self. need to understand and separate from your family’s dysfunction without guilt someday.

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Smile and the world smiles with you. Frown, and you frown alone.

That, and a good education will put food on the table. Try to be the best person you can be, and try to be the very best at whatever you are doing. But don’t try to be famous. They are inevitably always depressed and fucked up.

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Son/be a pimp. Daughter/ be a stripper.

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don’t go to college, that’s for damn sure! What a rip off!

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Pimpin’ aint easy..

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I do not approve of your sexist profession assignment. What is wrong with the daughter becoming the pimp and the son the stripper?

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Whoooaa!! We can’t suspend the rules of the universe. Come on now.

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Perhaps the Vulcan science directorate okayed it!

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…probably shouldn’t be listening to anything I say.

(Telling you not to start smoking with a cig hanging out of my mouth haha.)

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should go on being the way you are now, only taller, because you’re fabulous.

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give great oral, and make sure you keep your partner sexually satisfied. If you don’t, they will go get satisfied by someone else.

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@Violet Saying that to your kids sounds kinda funny. :D

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…will probably have to sell your soul. Better to give yourself to something you care passionately about, regardless of how the world values it. In the end your life will be worth more to you that way.

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I have some more: always wear a condom, play hard to get, don’t put out for just anyone (make them work for it), show up for your interview 10 minutes early, and 5 minutes early for everyday of work, always wear your seatbelt, don’t go more than 5 MPH on streets, and no more than 10 MPH on the highway.
@Symbeline maybe a parent could say it when their child turns 18? Like a sex talk update maybe ; )

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Be responsible, honorable, motivated, and treat people like you want to be treated.

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Have to stick in at school & get a good education then go to university to gain a degree, climb the ladder remorselessly then when you are at the top show some compassion to those less fortunate than yourself, be true to yourself, be fair be wise be forever on your guard as the world is full of tricks……… :-/

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…have to define for yourself what making it in this world means and then pursue the goals to obtain it.

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*stay to your morals and honor

*do not rest on your mental laurels… remain skeptical about everything, question everything, examine everything, and re-evaluate your belief system to accommodate new information. Do not let your mind stagnate… ever.

*be respectful of authority figures (especially your elders) but do not take what they say wholecloth. They are not perfect. This includes me… evaluate what I say and make up your own mind.

*do hold your hand out because of what your ancestors went through or make excuses because of discrimination you face. It is your privilege and your right to make it on your merit and earn the honor of doing so. This is America and we have that right here.

*life is not fair… do not expect it to be

*if you do not like being treated poorly, it is only logical to assume that others do not as well. Do not do so.

*I have provided you with the best education I can (I would if I had children). Now it is your turn to continue learning. Without education, you have little chance in life.

*do not hate or develop a chip on your shoulder for racism and other nastiness directed your way (I would be training him/her just like my father did me on how to avoid falling to the dread disease of racism)

*do honor to your Ancestors

*the Wheel turns… nothing remains the same.

These are some of the things my father taught me.

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Work to live and not live to work unless you are so fortunate as to live healthily by your passion.

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don’t go more than 5 MPH on streets, and no more than 10 MPH on the highway
What are you trying to do, get the kid rear ended?

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@SeventhSense What are you trying to do, get the kid rear ended? How is going close to the speed limit going to get someone rear ended? That doesn’t make sense.

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Where do you live that 5 mph is a speed limit? A parking lot?

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@SeventhSense I meant to say don’t go more than 5/10 mph over the speed limit

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