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Have you ever fallen in love with a complete stranger?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10280points) February 23rd, 2010

(mutual love) If so, how did it begin? Did it last? What made you overlook that the person was a complete stranger.

When does strangerhood wear off? When you’re rounding third base?

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There are people that I love that I’ve never met in person, but I can’t imagine falling in love with a complete stranger.

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No…But I have fallen in love with someone I never met before I met them. It was much better in person….ahhh such nice memories! That is the bonus of being old like me…you have wonderful memories!!

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No. Love is knowing someone, warts and all, and deeply caring about them anyway. One doesn’t know who a stranger is. Lust at first sight is a different story.

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Yup, lust at first sight.

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Yes, my wife. Before we met she was a complete stranger. Now that we’re together, I’m the strange one.

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I was instantly attracted to all three of my husbands, but I wouldn’t call it love until after the fact. I lost my first husband just after our first anniversary, and my second after 9 years, but I have been married to my current husband 35 years.

@aprilsimnel In my own experience, I would use the word lust but more like mutual need for companionship.

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Yes. I made her up in a dream… haven’t dreamt of her again…

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So, @Ltryptophan, did you?

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not so far.

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Complete and utter LUST, but love, no.

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Does Daffy Duck count?He’s dethhhpicable,naughty but nice.

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Sort of…. a girl I met when I started a new job a few years ago. I suppose it took about 3 half hr lunch breaks together to realise I was in trouble…

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I can’t imagine falling in love with someone I don’t already like, and in order to do that, they would have to not be a stranger.

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No. You can feel an immediate physical attraction, but that’s not quite “in love” status. It’s, well, you know what it is.

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Love, lust !? Oh yes & it was mutual ;-) only thing was her husband objected, Lol….. Still I guess he learned a valuable lesson, Lol……………


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No.That would never happen with me.

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yes, our romance played out nicely in my head.

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You can’t fall in love with someone without knowing them so it isn’t possible to fall for a stranger. They might have been a stranger when you first met, but in order to love you have to have someone to love – that means knowing them to some degree.

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You can’t fall in love with a stranger. That’s called infatuation and a lot of people don’t know the difference.

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@Blackberry But if it develops quickly into love, couldn’t you just say it’s the early stages of?

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@TheJoker I don’t believe so, but you could, sure : )

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well sort of, actually yes. but it wasn’t with a person. it happened when I first saw my cat when she was 3 weeks old kitten. I put the check in the mail to the breeder. she is now 6 years old and I’m still in love with her. might call it puppy love…..

It has never happened with a human. however there has been one who took my breath away in the most unusual way

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Not love. Can I become infatuated with someone I don’t really know? Maybe, but not blindly, even then I would have to know something about them.

No. I’ve never fallen in love with a complete stranger.

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On ex and I met in a dance club, our introduction was him telling me his name, smiling and taking my hand. We didn’t make out but from that day on throughout 4yrs, we were together, very loving, very positive.

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Well, as the song goes: “Love is a stranger in an open car to tempt you in and drive you far away…”

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Paul McCartney fell in love with an incomplete strange-her.

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nah maybe lust at first site.

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Gadzooks! Are we talking right off the bat? You see them at a BBQ they are over at the potato salad and you see them and is smitten? That IS NOT love, that is lust. You see them and fall in love with what you see and that gets you to want to know and be with them. You have no ideal if they are some arrogant narcissist, a compulsive liar, some nasty bitter tool, or some moody lush. You can only learn that after you do your due diligence and meet them over time to see if what you see is consistent and them. When ever you 1st meet someone your best foot is always forward. Will you like them when they roll out of bed 5 weeks later just as much as you did over the potato salad bowl? What if they drop and break your favorite item or one that can’t be replaced because it was from your dead grandmother, you still love them and can totally forgive them? Completely falling for a stranger is the upmost in folly.

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Yeah, and I asked her to marry me. But she was married already, so that would have been bigamy. But then, it was big o’ me, too.

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