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Have you ever had a crush on someone, but they didn't like you back?

Asked by Palindrome (1084points) February 23rd, 2010

I mean yeah, this is kind of a really blunt question, but if it did happen to you…how so?
I know from my own experience that it was one I actually learned from.
We knew of one another since junior high, but we never spoke. I started to like how he carried himself, and I started crushing on him after having him in a class. I also liked how he knew how to dance. He soon found out from my suppose to be “wing girl” that I liked him. I mean it was kind of obvious. He laughed it off and told her I was just a friend. Ever since that day, it just became really really awkward. Now he’ll do like awkward and weird things just to make the situation more awkward. UGH I still somewhat feel embarrassed about it all. Please share your personal experiences, if you had any like this.

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No I’m irresistible.

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I think it would be hard to find someone who never had an nonreciprocal crush. Is it even possible to get out of middle school without that happening, let alone high school and the rest of life?

There was the hottie new guy sophomore year who instantly became the school heart throb. He copied my homework and it took me a while to realize that meant nothing.

There was my best friend’s boyfriend who I was crazy about, and he thought I was a super neat little sister type who would be perfect for his weirdo cousin.

There was the teenager when I was like 12 who used to play basketball. I was like a hungry puppy, bringing him water and falling all over myself.

There was the 5th grade class clown, who I adored even though I was “going out” with his best friend.

There was the guy a year older than me in high school who never seemed to notice I always happened to be by his locker.

…shall I continue? I could for days.

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Yes. Well, it was more than a crush. I was in love with a guy who didn’t love me back. And that was that. It left me with a very broken heart. Unrequited love sucks, but that’s the way things go sometimes. You move on, and if you don’t… you bring yourself nothing but misery.

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Yes, we all have. Him, too.

If it’s too awkward, just tell him, “Look, I realize that you’re not interested, but you can stop worrying that I’m going to weird out about it. It’s OK. I’m not going to force myself on you.” If he’s still weird after that, you may have to give him some space and not hang out for a little while.

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@aprilsimnel it’s funny that you say that because when I told one of my other best friends about this incident. She also laughed, but she laughed because the same guy liked her, but she didn’t like him. lol so I guess he’s also experienced that before.

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Who hasn’t?

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^my thoughts exactly

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I am absolutely, completely irresistible so no.~

Ok, real answer.

Of course. :P

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Everyone has. I look forward to my next one.

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Yeah it didn’t work out though.I’m claustrophobic unfortunately.

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I remember one specifically in elementary school, and then a bunch in high school, and then a few in college. One in college was gay, and I didn’t know it when I was hitting on him!
and how is this a blunt question??

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Meagan Fox still does not call.

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@judochop Neither does Carmen Amaya who was my closest to a celebrity crush I ever had. Unfortunately she developed a slight case of death in 1963 so having a crush on her was, well, ludicrious.

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Yeah in grade 6 I sent my crush a candygram and he flat out just stopped talking to me.

It’s harsh, but he wasn’t that great anyway.

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I’m a closeted gay guy so it’s kind of inevitable.

But it’s equally inevitable than an openly straight person will experience the same thing.

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What @absalom said. Back in high school, of course. I’m no longer closeted, but even so, that doesn’t mean that I can’t crush on straight guys. When you have such a small inventory of potential partners, the majority of people I’m going to have a crush on are not going to be.

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Yes, it was a guy where I worked and he “always needed to have females around him”. Yes, I fell for it. Crush love makes you do funny thing sometimes. :)

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No one makes it out of high school without this happening. Just know you are not alone.

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I was head over heals in love with a guy three years my senior, he was 16. I used to worship him from afar. One day he started walking over to me, I was thrilled, all my dreams were about to come true. He had noticed me and he was coming over to propose, yep, it was going to be beautiful. He walked right up to me and said the words I’ll never forget, he said, “You uncrush me now!” Ouch! Years later he stopped by my new home while my husband was working and let me know he liked me. ” Well, you need to uncrush me now.”

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Yes.He didn’t like me back until years later when I ran into him at a party.He asked me out to dinner.By that time the thrill was gone so I stayed home with a ham sandwich that weekend.

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All the time since I’m gay.

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..replaced by a ham sandwich

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Story of my life:/

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This was the subject of my first Fluther question…

Right now, I am in love with a work friend who’s 6 years older than me. (I’m 17, she’s 23). It’s excruciating.

She got married in private 3 months ago, and changed her last name to her husband’s without telling any of us for a couple of weeks. It was extremely weird, and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t bother me.

She invited me personally to a “wedding celebration picnic”, which happens tomorrow. It will test my stamina.

My goal is to remain good friends with her, and I hope I succeed. I’m keeping it a secret between me and my sister (who’s six months older than the girl in question).

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