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Do you believe in "signs"?

Asked by lostinyoureyes (1118points) February 24th, 2010

For example, I’ve been debating whether or not to call this guy… then I happened to click on a youtube video of a girl and her boyfriend.. and her boyfriend’s name is the name of my guy. Then I said, “Ooh, it’s a sign that I should do it!”

Lol, I must admit that it does seem a bit like I’m looking for these signs.

But anyways….do you believe in them?

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Not really. I believe that you can find meaning in pretty much anything if you are looking for it. I used to play the french fry game with my first girlfriend. That doesn’t mean a trip to Burger King means that I should call her.

And call the guy if you like him. Someone has to make the first move.

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Signs will always be there is you are “looking” for them. Other than that they are just coincidence.

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No. Your imagination and your sensitivity to the things that are already on your mind create this illusion. It has no meaning.

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Nah.Crop circles, what a load of mumbo jumbo.The Sixth Sense,Unbreakable,now they were movies I enjoyed.

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I believe they help me to notice what I’m hoping to notice.

can’t believe i wrote that sentence but it’s exactly what I mean

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No, I don’t believe in anything with supernatural connotations… I think signs are just things we want to see.

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@susanc :: That actually made perfect sense. I’m drunk so I’m not sure if that is a good or bad thing. :-)

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@johnpowell :: it’s always a good thing.

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That’s kind of a weak one, I’m sorry. I do beleive in signs, though. Call him anyway, don’t regret it. What’s the worst that could happen? good luck with it!

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I have perceived some pretty powerful signs in my life that were just that.

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I don’t know if I always believe them, although sometimes I think they might be coming from somewhere (i don’t know =P) . But it is only in areas that mean lots to me I would notice, which could mean we are missing lots of ‘signs’ we don’t think about noticing, or it’s nothing more than just being human like, and it’s pretty hollow. But I still like to believe there are deeper connections with the universe/ multiverse or whatever that we have, but maybe aren’t fully aware of even if they might not even exist =P

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No. It’s just that you notice it because it’s on your mind. Its like when you buy a new car, and you suddenly start seeing a lot more other cars of the same make and model as your new one. There isn’t reall more, you’re just noticing more.Same with signs and omens – you notice what’s most on your mind.

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I believe in stop signs and other street signs. I also believe in natural signs, like black thunderheads indicating heavy rainfall to be expected. Cause and effect does matter, though.

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On the whole, yes. But I don’t think that the youtube video is going to be one of them.

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Only if they can be measured with scientific units. The barometer is dropping at 5 mm/min. That’s a sign we are going to have a storm. There was a earthquake of R5 magnitude in the ocean. That’s a sign there will be a tsunami. The CO2 is rising at 30 ppm per decade. That’s a sign Sarah Palin will say Obama is an elitist.

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Once in awhile,I’ll stop…;P

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Sign Sign everywhere a sign

They are there if you are open to seeing them!

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I believe they point out what is occupying my thoughts.

They also fuck up the scenery:

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I believe it when I see a “Speed Cameras in Use” sign. (I found out the hard way what not believing it brings.)

This lass believes in them.

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No, and neither should you. Believing in the supernatural, in signs, and in anything like that is at best lazy and at worst dangerous.

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@worriedguy But telephone calls from friends don’t count.

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I’m going to take this Q as a reminder to actually open my eyes as I travel through lighted intersections on the drive home tonight. Perhaps your question will therefore save someone’s life! And perhaps that person is the next Hitler.

I don’t put much stock in signs. (But I will keep my eyes open while driving. It’s on your conscience now.)

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