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I need a new printer, am thinking a color laser, any thoughts?

Asked by mikesmayer (4points) February 24th, 2010

What’s the best color laser printer?

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Color laser printers are really good for what I’ll call “business graphics”—if you have large swaths of solid colors, they print really well. At the consumer level, they do not print images particularly well.

(My my 0.02)

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The last time I checked, Laser printers and the toners especially were quite expensive, so unless you have a lot to print, and I mean a lot, factory style, then you should go with a normal inkjet printer, which generally give you better quality as well.

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Like Ragingloli said, quite expensive unless you have a lot of prints to do. Personally, love my Kodak ESP 5, not expensive, and very good.

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Notably, the cost per page is generally less for a laser printer, but unless you’re doing more than ~200–300 pages per month you’re not going to break even within the lifetime of the printer (assumed at 4 years when we did the analysis).

On the other hand, laser printers have more consistent quality (no nozzle to clog, etc.) over the life of the printer. My personal preference is to have a black and white laser printer and a color 13×19 inkjet printer. But that’s me =)

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I have a Hewlett-Packard Ofiice Jet K80xi printer. it also has a fax, copier and scanner built into it. the color printing is gorgeous. this was a great deal that i could not pass up. the price was right, so i grabbed it in a hurry.

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