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Anyone seen Pink Martini live in concert before?

Asked by higherground (1148points) February 24th, 2010

I will be attending their performance in 2 weeks time . Is there anything that I should be expecting / not expecting ?

I’ve been to a few concerts and some of them were really good , better than listening to them on the CD’s / MP3 players . But there were a couple of them which weren’t too good with live performances . I know I shouldn’t really be under-estimating Pink Martini , but I’m expecting it to be really really really good !

(I’ve looked at a few of their live performances on Youtube but I’d like to get people’s opinions , especially those who have been to their live performances :) )

Thank you in advance !

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I haven’t, but an ex-girlfriend got to see them live. She wasn’t disappointed. :)

Very cool band.

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Well over a hundred times. They are a local band for us, and my husband and I have followed them for a decade. Their recordings are terrific, but their live performances are way better. If you go to their Maui performance, you will be able to dance, which is the best. What to expect: warmth, rhythms, laughs, and a group who play like a single being. Good music which defies classification. Be ready to move, because it is difficult to stay still!

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@jjmah @sunnybrook Thank you ! You two are making me excited for the performance ! (=

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Just got back from the performance , it is absolutely unforgettable (=

Will definitely catch them again when they come back for the next performance (=

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