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Are you a good lie detector?

Asked by ucme (47034points) February 24th, 2010

No,not the type assorted morons use on trash TV like “Yo Jerry” Springer.I mean do you believe you can tell when someone is, let’s say, being economical with the truth?Whether it be someone you know well or a chance aquaintance.Has this “intuition” served you well or do you believe almost anything someone tells you?Obviously it should, in theory anyway, be easier to detect someone close telling maybe a little white lie.Something in their mannerisms which gets your radar up.

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I am a great lie detector.

But from time to time, have bad judgment of character.

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Yes. I really am, I swear! Really!

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I am a terrible lie detector. Although I don’t think I am gullible, I almost always assume people are sincere. I have been told I am much too trusting, but I would rather be taken by a liar than be a bitter cynic.

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@Pseudonym God you sound like O.J.

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Having worked insurance claims for 25 years, you learn to “pick up” people’s body language. Worked a lot of arson fires in the early 80’s when interest rates where 18% and arson fires were coming into the office faster than we could print the claims out. Could tell some real good stories about that period. Some of the stuff that i dealth with then would make your “socks roll up and down like window shades!”

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@BoBo1946 Sounds fascinating.It would tickle though so I may not take it all in.

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@BoBo1946 Tick tock this better be good.Worth the wait I hope?

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@ucme loll..well, once worked a claim on lady that was at the local bar picking up two guys while her brother burned her home. Was taking her recorded statement and this lady and a friend picked up two guys the night of the fire to have an alibi. During the statement asked the lady; what was their names, she said,“knew you were going to ask that, i’ve no idea!” loll

Anyway, this woman (not a lady) had been having congugal visits prior the fire with a guy in the state prison. For some unknown reason, she stopped seeing the guy, but she told him the whole story about how she was going to burn her house. Well, when she stopped seeing the guy, it pissed him off. After the fire, he called my office from the state pentiteniary, and told me the whole story. Immediately, called our company attorney, and we met him at the pentientiary and took this statement under oath. He gave us all the details.

Checked out the details of the fire and it was all correct. We denied the claim, she took us to court. lost…and had to deed over her land to us.

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@ BoBo1946 Nice one.Why do people insist on arson around.

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@ucme they get in a financial bind and take the easy way out.

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Lol!Sure—Walks about with her @$$ lookin’ all fat in them jeans—

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No,I’ve never been.I’m kinda gulible.

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@stump I feel the same way. I always assume that people are truthful and I seem to like to give second, third and fourth chances. This may mean I get jipped or screwed over a lot, but I feel like a person shouldn’t always be analyzing or trying to find out if somebody is lying.

Doesn’t mean I don’t lie from time to time ;p

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I can tell a lot of things from body language or verbal presentation, but unless it’s evident bullshit, which I may derive from general detrimental factors, I can only detect lies in people I know.
And even then, I can’t confirm it much…unless it confirms itself in the end, I can only go, well lookit that, I was right.

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sure… I can usually tell when someone’s lying to me. But I usually have no idea what to do about it. I’m the most indecisive person ever….ever ever….EVER.

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Hmmm. How can I know? I don’t really know people I would consider to be liars. I know people who tell versions of the truth that are somewhat loosely linked to my version of the truth, but I don’t figure they are doing it deliberately. I think it’s just part of the normal variation in perception.

In any case, I don’t really bother trying to detect body language signals of lying. I use the smell test. Does the story I’m being told hang together? If not, why not? Can I gather more information in order to see if what I’m being told makes sense. Then I react accordingly. Either I trust the person’s point of view, or not. If not, I react according to what I think they are really saying.

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With 4 kids, 3 of which are at the lying stage, I am pretty good at figuring out their truths and their “truths”. But, when it’s with someone who I don’t know very well, I can most likely use common sense to catch them, but my judgement gets a little hazy sometimes. But, part of being able to tell when they’re lying also depends on how well you know them. Their personality, their actions etc. Sometimes, when I don’t even know them I bet I’ve been lied to my face before and not even realized it!

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I’m horrible with sussing out the truth and give much thanks for good friends.

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I would like to think I’m fairly good at it. I either have a good vibe about the person, or a bad one… I’d say so far I’ve been right the majority of the time. Body language is a major indicator.

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I am a good Lie Detector, I can usually see the lie and if not but I have still have my suspicions, then I have a way of getting them to slip up. Think it is a woman thing.

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In person I’m scary good and I think it has a lot to do with being more than willing to believe almost anything someone tells me.

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if you been told a lot of lies, you get really good at it! “practice, makes perfect!”

Locally, we have a cardealership and the owner’s “punchline” is, “I wouldn’t lie to you!” loll…yeah right!

also, get a real kick out of people that their opening comment is, “let me honest!” oh my gosh, grab your ass!

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@BoBo1946 “Worked a lot of arson fires in the early 80’s when interest rates where 18% and arson fires were coming into the office faster than we could print the claims out.”

My wife worked for an independent arson investigator in the Palm Beach area at that time. I learned a lot about fire forensics.

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@Yetanotheruser yes, it is very interesting. Point of origin, convention foundation as opposed to being a slab makes a huge difference, etc. Really enjoyed that aspect of my job. The most interesting part, was seeing the body language of someone who was really upset about their house burning as opposed to the opposite. Great example, when i arrived at this particular home, this couple had bought a case of beer and were getting drunk… my statement, ask her if she ever had the house for sale and she replied, “oh yes, my boyfriend has a home and we going to get married and we don’t need two homes!” Long story short, we denied the claim, she took us to court, and the court ruled in our favor and she had to deed over her 40 acres of land to us. There lots more evidence, but too much to write here.

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