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What are the demographics of Fluther's jellies?

Asked by h2osprey (104points) February 24th, 2010

Seems like most people are from the US, but I was just wondering if perhaps we had a more global following. Personally, I’m currently living in Chicago, though I’m not from the US.

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I’m a Yank (NH) but I’ve met a lot of jellies from Canada, UK, Germany, Netherlands, South Africa and Australia. I know that there are at least one from Denmark, Sweden, Mexico and Malaysia.

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USA here

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Iowa…USA (a/k/a the frozen tundra!!)

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Here is a link to a map.

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There are people from all over, but if we didn’t fill out a questionnaire when we joined (and we didn’t), there can’t really be any hard demographic data.

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I’ve seen a large range of demographics. Teenagers, adults, Americans, Canadians, men, women, a lot of people.

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demography: The quantitative study of human populations. Demographers study subjects such as the geographical distribution of people, birth and death rates, socioeconomic status, and age and sex distributions in order to identify the influences on population growth, structure, and development.

We have a wide range of participants, but we don’t have statistics on them showing age, sex, nationality, income, etc. The statistics would be demographic data.

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I, for one, am human.

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Well, there aren’t a lot of Amish here.

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I’m a mish.

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We are predominantly from the US, but there are members from all over the world. In addition to the locations @stranger_in_a_strange_land listed, I also know of one from Singapore and one from the Faroe Islands. A few Americans participate from Iraq, too!

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Looking at that map @marinelife provided made me think, “Holy shit is Alaska really that big?” lol. Then I laughed to myself about Texans whining about not being the biggest state.

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Colorado here!

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@andrew How do they figure that out? I’ve read up on it a bit, and understand that they don’t just use this site to gather our info, but I still don’t really get it. I’m not in the habit of supplying my race, income level, or education level to other websites, either.

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I’m pretty sure it’s statistical analysis by zip code.

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@andrew- What about outside the US? Besides, where did they get my zip?

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@AstroChuck From your IP address.

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