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How many people think that being weird is a good thing and why?

Asked by CharlieGirl (438points) February 24th, 2010

I’ve always been weird and have always admired people who are different.How about you?

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i think it’s a good thing because it means you are an individual and not a clone

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It is good to be weird. People leave you be!

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I find people who tend to be different from the “crowd“or weird are thinking for themselves and are a step ahead.Not always the case but often to me it seems at least….

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I think weird or different is in the eye of the beholder and is not something to get overly concerned with. Different even weird is good even quite cool unless it is overdone for the sake of attracting attention or causing disruption.

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Depends on the kind of weird.

If someone is creepy-weird and likes to put video cameras in toilets or something, then no, they aren’t cool.

If they are like an eccentric mad scientist who builds androids to take out the trash, then sure, they are pretty cool.

I’m pretty weird myself, but more in the “I wish I was Indiana Jones” kindof way.

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I personally think there are two types of weird…

Weird 1 – Naturally eccentric, off or a little strange
Weird 2 – Acts bizarre for attention

I love most people who are weird 1, but like @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard said…

“If someone is creepy-weird and likes to put video cameras in toilets or something, then no, they aren’t cool.”

I find weird 2 to be annoying, if you didn’t get hugged enough as a kid then work hard to be great at something to get recognition, don’t draw attention to yourself through fake personality traits.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard took the words out of my mouth. Except for the “I wish I was Indiana Jones” weird. I’m more of a nerdy weird.

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Al Yankovic thinks that it is a good thing.

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@DarkScribe Especially if you know pi to a thousand places. :-)

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I don’t consider myself so much ‘weird’ as simply eccentric, but either way I love it.

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I’m unique. That’s a variation of weirdness, I believe. It seems to suit me well.

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Weirdness is all relative and shouldn’t necessarily be judged as negative, unless it’s harmful to someone (like a sexual predator or something). But, I think having a healthy dose of unique qualities is a great, great thing. I highly value originality and scoff at someone’s idea of normal or acceptable in most areas of life.

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Its fucking awesome being weird! Sorry for the expletive but seriously, it makes you more of an individual and truly unique when you let those “weird” qualities shine. A lot of the time people go through life worrying about what others think of them suppressing what they might thing of as weird. I wish I knew those people so I could tell them TO JUST BE YOU! Don’t let society try and bring you down and make you feel ordinary when as ubersiren said weirdness or uniqueness is all relative. Its what you make of it.

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Who doesn’t think they’re weird? or at least different? Thinking you’re extraordinary (meaning “not ordinary”) pretty much puts you into a class with everybody else. It’s not your perception of yourself that causes this effect; it’s your misperception of everybody else as something unlike yourself. In my opinion.

For somebody who’s really different, find me somebody who thinks he isn’t.

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Twelve people believe that being weird is a good thing. As for why the number of such people is twelve, I haven’t a clue.

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@Jeruba Pretty much what I wanted to say haha.

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I don’t like the word “weird.”

Weird can mean different, it can mean unique. But it can also mean bizarre, eccentric. My problem- people are so quick to say that individuals are weird. That individuals are weird. Individuals. Different people. Nobody is exactly the same as anyone else. And many of those who are called weird are geniuses! Albert Einstein would look up his name in the phonebook when people asked what his number was. Albert Einstein the genius!

Weird is not a bad thing at all. Being “weird” means being who you are, not just doing what everybody else is doing. If everybody was the same, the world would be boring.

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I don’t like thinking that I’m weird. It makes me feel bad. It reminds me of how few friends I have in real life. I’d much rather think I’m popular. Whether or not it’s true, lol.

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It’s good.I like individual thought.

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What is weird? It’s subjective, you know.

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I think the word weird is often used as a pejorative, but each one of us is unique. It’s not really a choice to be ‘different’ from other people, it’s entirely a matter of perception.

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of course is a very good thing to be weird
It’s means you’re special and that you’re not following the ordinary people

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Everyone is quirky in their own way and that is perfectly fine. I find that those close to you tend to love you for your quirks because it makes you, you. Besides I find regular people boring.

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Weird? uhm…everyone’s weird, everyone’s different.

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I admire naturally weird people. I’m a little weird myself. It’s the trying to be weird that annoys me.

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@essieness I’ve always been weird naturaly.Thank you all so far for your answers! :)

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