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How can I 7 string my 6 string..?

Asked by fathippo (746points) February 24th, 2010

sorry this is probably a stupid q =)
I love korn, a lot, and need to play their music, and music with that deep n’ kinda thick feeling… (or as good as ye can make it with this)
I don’t mean how can I cram 7 strings on it =), but what would be the best way of arranging things etcetc… ?
And tuning, I’m guessing these low b’s would not be ideal on these sort of guitars…
I know this won’t sound all that great (especially me playing stuff ;) ), but don’t have money to be buying guitars…

so anything you can tell me to help… (?)

sorry… i normally stick to pianos so i’m kind of a layman here =P
thankyou… =)

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If you’re planning on using 7-string guitar strings on a 6-string, just start with the low A string where the low E should be, I suppose.

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well, it’s gonna be cheaper to just BUY a 7 stringer, ‘cause you’d have to replace the nut, bridge and pickups…not to mention that your existing neck won’t leave ya much room for playing 7 strings. I think noyesa’s got the right idea, ya just leave off the high E and restring it. Korn music is mostly power chords anyway, right?

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Another plan would be to try and find tablature like from that would approximate Korn’s sound while playing a 6 string.

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@stratman37 pretty much that sort of thing, yeah

and thankye’s…

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Anytime, and let us know how it worked out!

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Novesa, you are incorrect. The Bottom string should be a B, so your tuning would go B-E-A-D-G-B

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