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Are there any names that have been ruined for you?

Asked by zephyr826 (5600points) February 24th, 2010

I was thinking about this question, and I was reminded of several of the names I can’t stand. I’m a high school teacher, and I’ve told my husband that if we ever have children, there will be certain names that are absolutely forbidden. Most of them have been ruined for me by students whose behavior will ever taint their name, and I was wondering if this is just me. Have your acquaintances ruined names for you? I’m not looking for names you don’t like, but for names that were in consideration until that person eliminated it forever. Feel free to share the name, the story, or both.

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For me, the names Chase and Alicia will always be taboo, because two of my worst students (whom I had in class for several years each) bore the unfortunate monikers. I even like the name Alicia, but she’s ruined it.

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a skinny blonde haired boy named Garrett pulled my hair every day at recess in the 1st grade… the name still makes me shiver

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I’ve had way to many relationships that did not end well. Now every time I meet an Amanda I’m quite leery about pursuing.

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The name “Orenthal”. I’ve only heard of one Orenthal, and he’s bad news.

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Chelsea, Ashley, Dillon….. I could probably go on and on about overdone names. It’s just a transitional thing, though.

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A bully with red hair and a big fat belly used to pick on me in second grade. I hate the name Brice ever since then. I am picturing him now with his ear twisted by the teacher as she led him away. I am smiling.

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quite a few, it’s a mazing how certain children can put you off names for life!!

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I don’t like the name ‘Jessica’ because of my ex-wife. No joke, I met another woman named Jessica months after and cringed a little bit when she told me her name.

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Tracy – I knew someone really mean by that name once, so mean and diabolical that the bias has stuck with me for many years, and I hope I meet someone really nice with that name so that I can forget the other

as for names that just put me off using if I were going to name my children, at risk of offending anyone here who has named their children that and if so, that’s great and please take no offence, last names as first names really annoy me, such as Cooper, Declan, Brady, Bailey, Preston, etc…

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Megan in any spelling. Including Meghan.

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Consuela Bananahammock.Vunessuh ruined it for!

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Uday & Qusay !!

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My uncle Mitch molested me for years and years when I was a kid. I still feel a little sick whenever I hear that name (though I make an exception for @breedmitch). He also ruined several words for me… including ‘panties’, ‘britches’ and ‘nasty’. Also, the sight of those white-ish, waffle weave long johns makes me a little sick, too. That fucker.

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Hey! and Hey You! My friends totally ruined that one for me Waaayyy over did it…I don’t even look any more!!

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Diane. My 1st husband’s ex was name Diane, and worse she was the Bio Mom of my oldest daughter, and made our lives hell for two years with her custody and visitation games.

Also, My second husband’s first wife was Dianna, but I don’t have any animosity toward her. I just wonder what it up with that!

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Lisa. I’ve never met a Lisa that wasn’t a bitch with an eating disorder.

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<< Is a Lisa. While I might be a bitch, I definitely don’t have an eating disorder!

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@augustlan You’re not a bitch! You an A! Really sorry to hear about your low down skank uncle, by the way….

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Alicia’s the name of my best friend. :(

No names have been ruined. Maybe Pat. The one guy named Pat I met was a weirdo and he defriended me from Facebook after this whole…crazy thing. But of course, the name “Pat” was kind of ruined from the beginning. :P

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I’ve never met a Kevin that didn’t deserve at least one dickpunch.

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@Val123 Thanks, girl. :)

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@augustlan – Sorry! Really! I guess I’ll have to amend that statement:

“Except for Augustlan, every bitch with an eating disorder that I have known has been a Lisa.”

Hoping that helps…

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I have PTSD and the name “Cal” sends me into violent fits of nausea, anxiety, and flashbacks. You know how on “Pee Wee’s Playhouse” everyone used to scream and jump up and down when they heard the magic word? For me, the magic word is :“Cal.” Aaaaarrrrgghhhh!!!

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My daughter wanted to name her son Desmond, but didn’t because that was the name of her baby-daddy’s new girlfriends son.
ya, that expression annoys me too

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The name Adam creeps me out and it scares me.

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Ashley. It wasn’t until college that I met a nice Ashley. Before that, every Ashley I met picked on me in some way or was just nasty to me.

Unfortunately, the name Lisa has also been ruined for me sorry Auggie! but that’s because of my ex-best friend who turned out to be a huge bitch.

Christopher as well has been tainted for me. I have too many ex-romantic interests from boyfriends to crushes to random hook ups named Chris.

My grandmother always hated the name Charlotte because her mother in law’s name was Charlotte and they hated each other. I want to name a daughter Charlotte because it is such a beautiful name and I feel like my great grandmother should have a child named after her. Hopefully this will be after my grandmother dies…

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@Symbeline Adam was the name given to Frankenstein’s Monster.

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Firstly, I apologise to anyone with the names I am about to mention. I don’t like these names because of the two children they remind me of who used to smell bad when I was at infant school. Every time I think of these two children I think of the smell and so when I hear the names that’s all I can think of but that doesn’t mean that I think all people with these names are smelly. I feel a bit bad that these names make me think of a bad smell because these children were two young at the time to be able to help it and they could have been from a very poor family or something. The girl, however, used to pull my hair so that gave me a reall reason to dislike her.

Amanda and Wayne

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@KatawaGrey My son was the only grandson, so we had to figure out a way to fit both grandfather’s in. His name is Christoper August Joseph Lastnamehere. We called him Auggie Joe when he was little! Who was the “Auggie” you said “sorry” to? :)

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@Val123: @augustlan! We sometimes call her Auggie. :)

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@KatawaGrey Ah! thank you!

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Though I used to think it was a beautiful name, the name Monique is now tainted to me because that was the name of someone who was probably the worst middle school bully I’d ever experienced. She was extremely mean, and now whenever I hear/think of the name, I think of her, and it makes me cringe.

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Angie. ditto, @mangeons

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I spent years working in daycare, and knew so many kids with such a variety of names that when I had to name my own kids, it was difficult to find a name that didn’t have some kind of negative association OR belonged to a kid I really liked but still knew. Half the names my husband suggested were shot down because they instantly reminded me of kids that had driven me crazy.

For a girl, Grace. I know, it’s a nice name, but it makes me think of the little girl who spit spinach on me as a baby and later developed the habit of eating hair, dust bunnies, sand, clay, paste…pretty much anything. She was whiny and had whiny parents. Whoever says all babies and kids are lovable in some way has never worked in a daycare center.

For a boy, Alex. Alex was a kid I cared for one summer who liked to kick my shins with his orthopedic shoes and, at the age of three, refused to use the potty. His mother, who was slightly mentally disabled, decided he should wear underwear and got very upset if we suggest keeping him in diapers. He was physically very aggressive with the other kids, defiant, and prone to extreme temper tantrums over every little thing.

There are others, but those two are the most extreme. I hope I don’t sound like a kid-hater in those descriptions! The vast, vast majority of the kids I worked with were great. Some easier to love than others, just like big people. I had other difficult children in my classes that I was very attached to, so I think it’s more a personality thing than a difficulty thing.

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I can think of a few but rather than outting them here I’ll go the opposite direction with hopes of not derailing your thread. See it more of a good-faith effort to answer this great question, and yes – there are several names that send red flags up for me as well.

So, the good names… these are names which are somewhat common and I’ve had the good fortune of meeting several very cool people known by these names, and some have been very close friends.

girls named Chris
Joshua /Josh

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@mcbealer that’s totally fine too. I support good names as well.

My students and I were talking about Megans. They were listing off Megans that they had know, all of who were wonderful people, but absolutely crazy.

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@DominicX My husband’s name is Patrick, and I cringe when people call him Pat. He doesn’t mind at all, but for some reason it drives me crazy. He doesn’t seem like a Pat, and then there was “Pat” from SNL back in the day. Patrick fits him much better, but I think he was truly meant to have some kind of hard-core Italian name like Rocco. OK, that made me laugh out loud, so maybe not.

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@MissAusten I know how all that goes!

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@MissAusten: I go through the same thing with my boyfriend. His name is Robert and he was known as Bobby for a while until a mutual friend of ours started introducing him as Bob. He is so much more a Bob than he is a Bobby but so many people still call him Bobby including his family that I twitch a little when someone calls him Bobby.

And anyone named Rocco must be a very large, very beefy Italian man, obviously.

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@KatawaGrey That would be a good question. Like, does it seem like more men than women tend to be called by the childhood names, like Bobby, Sammy, Davey etc.?

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@KatawaGrey You’d think so, but all the Roccos I’ve met haven’t been all that large and definitely not beefy. My husband is short and scrawny, but the has the attitude of a big beefy paisan!

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@Val123: I don’t know. Maybe it’s because feminine names don’t lend themselves well to childish nicknames. You should totally ask that question, Ms. Brand-New-10k-er. :)

@MissAusten: Well, there ya go. He’s large and beefy in spirit!

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