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Why is Angelina Jolie considered such a beauty and so desirable?

Asked by plethora (9579points) February 24th, 2010

I’m amazed at the press this woman gets for her beauty and style. I’m as heterosexual as they come, and to me, she is a rather unattractive woman and totally undesirable. I realize this is a rather “light” question, but I’m just curious about other male and female opinions on her.

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She is beautiful in my opinion.I saw her on the cover of Vogue once and she was just gorgeous.

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The general populace likes what is considered attractive by society and the media. I don’t find her attractive either, but my tastes in women have always been a little different than the norm.

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Because the advertising says so.

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She’s desirable because she is so damn untouchable.
Everyone wants what they know they can’t have.

She is beautiful because she is famous. If she wasn’t famous and passed me by on the street, I’m sure I wouldn’t think anything of her.

And like @Lightlyseared said, the media tells us she is so we all believe it.

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See is hott as hell and naughty! Watch the movie Gia and you can see why men and women think she is sexy!! WOOF!

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You know, I always felt the same way. Maybe it’s her full, luscious lips.

As a side note, I saw a picture of her without makeup recently, and she looked like an ordinary woman. Not ugly by any means, but not stunningly attractive, either. Makeup can do a lot for a person.

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Because she is hot.

That being said, there are a lot hotter women than her. I will take her (and here and here ) any day of the week over Angelina Jolie.

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I’m not really attracted to her, but if the chance arose I think I would have my way with her, but I wouldn’t consider her the hottest woman alive and would say far from it. I’m not really big on her lips either and I love mouths. It’s just something about that slit down the middle on the bottom lip that doesn’t sit well with me (hmm that could be taken kind of dirty, lol).

@Arisztid I did not find any of those pictures appealing. In fact I would’ve thought they were dudes.

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Because she looks like Nadia Suleman ? (octomom)


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@Axemusica She could not keep weight on her… she was a Flamenco dancer and I can see how you think that due to how she danced. Boy could she dance.

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Beauty is all opinion. That’s really what it boils down to. She just.. has a rockin bod.

Your opinion of someone is improved (or weakened) by how relevant they are to you. She was in Hackers, and Gone in 60 Seconds, and she was Lara Croft, and she was in Beowulf. Those are movies I enjoyed. So that boosts my opinion of her.
She and Brad are very heavily into humanitarianism (That’s a long word). Having adopted kids, having donated millions of dollars, having done work where it needs to be done and hell, having become an Ambassador. These are impressive feats. They only improve my image of her.

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No idea. Personally I’d take BĂ©atrice Dalle over her any day haha.
But to each their own though.

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I’m with ya. I never found her attractive either.

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Personally, I find Jessica Alba or Natalie Portman sexier, but there should be no doubt that Angelina is sexy (though she has been soiled by Billy Bob Thorton )

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I think Angelina is gorgeous. Everyone has a different taste. There are lots of people I know are beautiful to someone, but not to me. I’ve never seen what all the fuss is about Tom Cruise, personally.

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@knitfroggy, oooh, me neither! Seriously, at any mall in the Midwest, throw a pebble and you’ll hit 30 guys who look just like him – or better! And who are better actors, too! His teeth are weird, anyway. He’s missing one of his two front ones, if you look closely.

Angelina’s OK, I guess. She’s had some (subtle) work done on her nose, though. It’s all a lot of hype, really. There’s plenty of women in Hollywood now who are just as pretty, just not as well known.

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She has excellent bone structure, naturally full lips, a good voice, a nice physique, and she oozes sex, that’s why.

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We do all have our little preferences, don’t we? Thanks for the comments.

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She does suggest a kind of tigerish sexuality that might appeal to the more robust love-maker, her eyes also hint at a fierce jealousy or physical possessiveness, which also might appeal to certain men with the stamina to put up with it.

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I do think she is beautiful, but her lips actually get on my nerves. I just tolerate them. I think her body is average. To a bit skinny. But her beauty is the twinkle in her eyes, she has amazing eyes.

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I honestly cant fathom it either… she certainly does nothing for me & those lips look like 2 giant slugs creeping accross her face.

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I agree with @Facade. I’m a big fan of naturally full lips no vagina jokes please especially on women!

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@Leanne1986 I think they’ve had their day. Just an opinion. I can’t focus on her I see two big things flapping as she speaks loll. sorry!

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@Just_Justine I’m slightly bias because I have big lips (although not quite as big as Angelina’s) and I was ridiculed as a young child because of them. Then all of a sudden they became desirable because of people like Angelina and I was never picked on again. Funny that.

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@Leanne1986 I totally hear you. But us regular lippers want our day too!! I guess its been around 20 years they’ve been popular? I just think a change would be nice. Some rose bud mouths perhaps? I have no idea how you write small like that? So if I am doing something wrong in replying in normal writing please advise. :)

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@TheJoker You nailed it. The comment about the lips is great. Exactly, they look like two giant slugs.

@Leanne1986 Normally, I think big lips are very attractive. Its just that on her, perhaps because they have been “enhanced” and don’t fit her face, they look like slugs.

@Just_Justine She is skinny, the body is less than average and the friggin UGLY tats are just yukky. Oh… regular lippers are just fine…:)

I wouldnt be wasting my time on AJ if I weren’t so befuddled at the media’s enormous fascination with her. Glad to get some other opinions.

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@Facade Really????? All that escapes me.

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@plethora Then she’s not your type. No biggie.

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@Facade i think Gillian Anderson had a beautiful mouth. i like full lips.

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@plethora you seen her tats?? :O

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@filmfann oh no, not Soiled by B B Thornton, i couldn’t possibly…touch her now.

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@mammal Gillian Anderson has a beautiful everything.

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@Just_Justine I think everyone has seen them. Arent they on her arms?

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@plethora Ang’s lips are real! Here’s a young Angelina

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YIKES….they do look like slugs

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