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What should I do with this stray dog?

Asked by JONESGH (3554points) February 24th, 2010

A stray dog showed up outside my apartment a few weeks ago. Idiotically, I fed it because it looked hungry, and it obviously stuck around. A few days later it was snowing and the dog was barking outside my door, so I let it in. I put it outside 2 days later once it was warmed up a bit, but it keeps coming back! It’s barking gets really annoying so I let it inside (since it’s a rather small dog).

I put an add in the paper, called veterinarians, and put up various signs, but I’ve gotten nothing. I’ve called the only 2 non-kill shelters in the area and they both say they’re full!

I absolutely cannot keep this dog, and none of my friends want it. Also, the only other shelter puts them down after 2 weeks.

What should I do?

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Don’t go to shelter or RSPCA because they do put them down. There are usually volunteer organisations, or even private citizens, some of whom your local shelter might know and be able to put you in touch with, who take in stray and try to find homes for them. A community search would help you find them; try libraries, local pet shops, vets, etc. Good luck. It is great to see someone who cares; I hope you can find a home for the poor little dog.

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I would make a flyer with a cute picture of the dog and hang it up at grocery stores. “Free to good home! I love this dog but circumstances make me give him/her up!” Add whatever virtues you can honestly say – housebroken, adorable, friendly, cuddly.

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Put an ad up on craigslist

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Bring it to a shelter to get it scanned for a microchip. You may be able to find its owner very easily. If it has traveled far from home, the owners may be desperately searching but not see your fliers or ads.
If you’re worried about it being put down, you can google for no-kill shelters in your area.

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Thanks for the suggestions

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@JONESGH And hooray for you for wanting to do right by the little guy!

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Edit: Nevermind

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I wonder if some of the local veterinarians might know of a rescue group that would take the dog until it can be adopted. If the dog is some specific, identifiable breed, finding a rescue group might be even easier. Otherwise, I would hang up “free to good home” posters. Might I add, the dog is lucky to have found you as a temporary friend!

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sounds like he adopted you as his owner

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@escapedone7 thanks I’d never heard of that website!!

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The exact same thing happened to me! I started feeding a little stray dog and let it inside during a blizzard and got stuck with it. She wasn’t housetrained either so it was pretty bad. I took it to a shelter and told them if she didn’t get adopted to call me and I’d come get her. I called 3 days later and someone had adopted her.

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Yeahh! I agree with @escapedone7. List it on a pet selling website! That’ll deffinitely work!

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