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Pssst! Uh Fluther asked me not to tell you. But they said I'm their favorite. Should I believe them?

Asked by RealEyesRealizeRealLies (30877points) February 24th, 2010

No no really. They send me these little secret messages all the time. They tell me how good my hair looks and how nice I smell. Sometimes I look around my desk for them but they’re quite sneaky and covert. It’s nice to know the Fluther is with me always.

Do you ever look around to see if Fluther is watching (sniffing) you?

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It obviously was drunk off it’s ass.

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They tell me the same thing. I think we’re being played. How dare thee!

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Fluther! You’re cheating on me!

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I thought I was the only one. sniff

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Yes,believe them.
They wanted to know where their money is.I put the check in the mail;)

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That’s nothing! When the Nobel Prize Committee called, they told them I was too busy to talk!

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They think I’m a guy! They told me that I look “dapper”. Buncha nuts.

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They’re doing my dishes today. But that would only involve pressing the “ON” button, so whatever. ::eyeroll::

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Yeah? Well, they tip their hats to me.
Such gentlemen.

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They lie, I think they just want sex with me.

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Yes. Why would anyone on the internet be less than truthful?

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Pitch’s belly fur told me that spring is coming soon. Now I know it’s true…

The Daisy’s are starting to bloom!

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‘bout time, too!
the truth is perfectly clear, practically invisible

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