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What's the most effective way to slim my inner thighs and get rid of horrible stretchmarks?

Asked by sevenfourteen (2419points) February 24th, 2010

I wouldn’t say I’m out of shape, and I’m definately getting better at making it to the gym at least 2–3 times a week. However I would like to figure out a way to slim my inner thighs and lower stomache. (I also have stretch marks on my hips and inner thighs and they won’t fade!!!) I prefer running because it’s an all over body work out, but is there anything else I can try that would help me? I have a lot of muscle so that may be why they (my inner thighs) look so big.

Also I know it’s not just about exercise, and I’ve been trying to eat smaller more frequent meals. Is there anything I can eat that will help?? It’s not that I’m unsatisfied with my body, I’m just annoyed that I’m not even that big and have these horrrrible stretch marks :(

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The only way to remove serious stretch marks is plastic surgery, everything else is hype. As for thinning down you sound like you are doing everything right, if you want to speed things up then have a bran muffin a couple times a week and cut back on empty carbs. Also stock up on the fruits and veggies.

As a man I can say women’s stretch marks have never bothered me. They are natural and can’t be avoided so before you drive yourself crazy remember that they bother you more than anyone else and maybe one day you won’t be bothered anymore.

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@drClaw You, kind fellow, are a wonderful man! Love your answer!

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I get stretch marks on my arm from working out, and I find that Cocoa Butter works great at fading them. I use Palmer’s… the stuff for pregnant women.

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UGA’s fitness and wellness book says to do 5–6 sessions of aerobic activity per week, and 1–3 sessions of strength training. and monitor calorie intake to avoid weight gain…. if this is humanly possible I’m sure your thighs will be itty bitty

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The more muscular your legs are the less stretch marks are noticeable.
In my teens I noticed a few stretch marks on my legs. In college I started working out. In my twenties I started attending a gym taking classes, lifting weights and using machines. It has made a big difference. Working out has reshaped my whole body.
People always said I look good but working out makes me feel good and look better.

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@drClaw – thanks, even though I know you really can’t see them and those around me probably don’t notice it’s good reassurance that I’m the only one who thinks they’re as big as they feel.
@philosopher – that’s the plan. I love going to the gym, but last semester kicked my ass so it kinda got pushed to the side. No worries though, I’m getting back at it.

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Generally the lighter your skin, the more likely stretch marks will fade over time or at least be less obvious. @drClaw is right, the other stuff is hype, if they are very noticeable and bother you a lot surgery is the only way. If you stick with exercise, some aerobic, some weight training, and stop eating junk, you will notice a big difference over time. I don’t mean to assume you eat junk, I just mean don’t eat obviously bad food like sweets and deep fried foods, etc. I am not much for extreme dieting or diet plans.

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If your stretch marks are still fairly new (purplish color), then using tretinoin (like Retin A) will decrease these. But once you have had them for awhile, it will not reduce them. Some fade with time, but others do not. Disclaimer – pregnant women should not use tretinoin cream (class C warning) – just in case they get any ideas.

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Try the elliptical machine. I’ve done some of the walk at home dvds by Leslie Sansone. Shes got one “walk your belly flat” that really targets the lower stomach. These DVDs are only like.. $7 and really do help your legs. Try things like standing knee lifts.

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