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What is your opinion on the supernatural?,?

Asked by ShipwrecksInSand (173points) February 24th, 2010

Things like ghosts, zombies, vampires, etc.

do you believe in them? or no?

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I don’t know… but I seriously hope a zombie apocalypse happens one day!

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Nope. I’ll believe it when I see it.

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Spirits?Perhaps.I’ve experienced a few strange things before.

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False. Only werewolves are real. ~

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Ghosts/ spirit type things… yeah i believe in them. And there could be loads of explanations for them, things we don’t understand, or the things we might have believed for ages, or maybe the first would explain the second. I suppose nobody knows what existence really is, or at least not alive people… (?)


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@RandomMrDan You better stock up on the cannabis just in case. That was truly the most random Q ever. ;)

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I’m afraid I don’t. I am fascinated by the paranormal and I write about it all the time in my fictional works, but I tend to not think it’s real. That doesn’t mean that I would change my mind if I had a real paranormal experience, but I haven’t had one yet. The evidence for it just isn’t enough in my opinion. I don’t believe that people lie when they claim they’ve had an experience, but I think their experience was due to something else.

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Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster by your side, kid.

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Absolutely not. But I am keen on the zombie apocalypse idea.

If you podcast, I recommend two. Point of Inquiry and For Good Reason

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There’s no good reason to believe them.

Well, except that it’s fun for books & movies.

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@dog What question was the most random? The one about zombies on pot?

Ghost or Spirits -I think things like Ghosts/Spirits might be something that could be real…. but I don’t think they’re actually ghosts or spirits… but maybe something beyond our knowledge or ability to comprehend right now.

Vampires – I highly doubt it, I think we would have found some by now if they actually existed.

Zombies – again, we probably would have seen them or heard of a zombie outbreak if it ever happened. But, I have to believe that there is a possibility that one day something could make a human carry zombie like attributes from a disease, or virus though. But not in the since of rising from the dead ghoul like. I seriously doubt that would ever happen.

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I think it’s spooky how often this stupid question gets asked.

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I don’t disbelieve in things I can’t disprove. kinda like a perfect bj

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As fascinating as it is, I don’t believe in anything supernatural.
well, that was an easy question.

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Smoke and Mirrors. Hocus Pocus mumbo jumbo. Fact from fiction. Truth from diction (hee hee).

Casper’s not real.

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I think that anything is possible. ghost boxes scare the bejesus outta me. youtube’em and you’ll see.

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I guess I do believe in ghosts and spirits to some extent. Who knows what really happens to us when we die? Somehow I doubt very strongly that we simply cease to exist. For the simple reason that we are so much more than our bodies.

But do we stay behind? Is paranormal activity caused by ghosts? It’s hard to say. Maybe there are other things that we cannot comprehend. (@RandomMrdan)

Wait forget the “maybe”, we don’t understand 99.9% of what the heck we’re doing here. I say leave the options open.

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Does anyone really think vampires and/or zombies are real?

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@Captain_Fantasy People believe in even more absurd stuff than that. Like, Galactic Lord Xenu.. In comparison, vampires don’t seem so unrealistic.

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Whoa… that’s, just… wow.

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I meet the living dead all the time. I warn them, and they refuse to listen. I meet people who drain me near to completion. I meet others that are terrifying.

Is it really so hard to believe in monsters now?

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Did anyone else see the skater tonight fall with the little round marker before it happened?

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Most definatly. I believe there is a world beyond the sights and perceptions that we are capable of comprehending. I believe that our energies do leave our bodies after we are deceased and our consciousness as we know it become something more, transformed into another realm. I don’t believe in zombies and crap like that but spirits I do believe are just as real as anything physical in our world.

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I believe in nothing. But I love zombies and vampires in entertainment.

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I don’t believe in any of them, not even a little bit. But I do see reasons why some people believe in them.

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I think ghosts or apparitions could be an actual phenomenon but I just can’t believe there are real vampires and zombies somewhere in the world.

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@dpworkin – In my opinion there are no stupid question, only stupid answers. It’s very human at some point in everyone’s life to contemplate the issue of the supernatural. What is the evidence against supernatural intervention? My answer is: our remarkably orderly universe.

Must this be so? Not necessarily. Why not think of a universe in which even quantum uncertainty is not governed by rules of probability. Ours doesn’t behave that way which is remarkable I think.

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@Bluefreedom you ought to meet my patients

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@DrMC. Yikes…......

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