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Have you ever had the experience of being visited by a deceased loved one in a dream?

Asked by essieness (7693points) February 24th, 2010

My dad died in 2007. I rarely dream about him, but when I do, it’s very vivid and more like a visit than just a dream.

Last night, I had the best dream ever about him. In the dream, I was sleeping in my room. He barged in my room, beer in hand, and told me, “I’m here to see you, now get up and let’s party!” I told him, “But Daddy, I have to work tomorrow morning.” To which he replied, “Now goddammit, I came all the way here to see you, so get up!” :)

So, I did, of course. My mom was there too (they divorced when I was a teenager) partying right along with us. They were both in their mid-thirties and very happy. He was so handsome.

When it was time for me to go back to bed, he just said, “Ok honey, I’ll see ya next time.” And that was it.

It was so vivid and I’ve been thinking about it all day. It was simply… amazing.

So, have any of you had an experience like this? A dream that seemed to real to be just a dream?

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Nope, never.

Sorry :P

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I’ve had a few very vivid dreams which were visits with my Dad. He died four years ago.

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I wish…

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Yes.Not long after my mother died I did.It felt so real,it’s hard to explain.We were very close.
.She was just as lovely as ever :)

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My Mom died 5 years ago.
My Dad died 26 years ago.

When I dream of my Dad, it’s always a nice visit. When I dream of my Mom, it’s always shocking, and “but you’re dead!”
I wish more of my Mom dreams were like my Dad dreams.

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My dad died about 3 months ago and I dream about him frequently. It’s always very normal, like he’s still around but in the dream we both know he’s dead. It’s quite cool. My daughter in college had a very vivid dream about him a few nights ago. She texted me all freaked out because it was so real.

The party dream sounds pretty neat!

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Worse. I was visited by a deceased loved one at the front door. While I was awake!

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I have, but forced. Lucid dreaming.

I expect it isn’t quite the same, though. I’m glad you had such a wonderful dream.

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On the Astral plane, (in the dream state}, there is a great opportunity for instant, direct communication, also our wish fulfillment, our desires, can create dreams of imagination that take us to our fancy. But There can be this pure communication between two souls, without any physical barriers that takes place at this state of awareness.
There is this Spiritual teacher who has long since left his physical body, and his thing is communicating in this so called dream state. Many, Many people have been visited by this Teacher in their dream state. He has visited me twice in this state of awareness….., needless to say consciousness expanding experiences both times.
i have talked with many people who have had similar experiences.
The teacher is Ramana Maharshi, but the point being yes it definitely happens.

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That’s awesome. I’m rather jealous! My dreams about my deceased father are very very infrequent, maybe once a year. They’re also… not frightening, not usually anyway, but not happy or calming. Unsettling would be a good word. He’s been dead for almost 12 years, and I was 11 when he died. One dream about him I remember vividly. We were in the living room of house we used to live in and it was my birthday – it was in real life, too – but he couldn’t remember how old I was. He asked if I was turning 13 and when I said I wasn’t, I was turning 16, he looked very sad and said “Tell me if when we meet again, it’s on the other side.” Little bit creepy, huh?

I actually dreamt about him just a few nights ago. Again, it was unsettling. In my dream I was in the church our family used to go to when I was a kid, and he was in a crowd of people who were milling around, exiting the church, but he was just standing there looking at me. I was with some childhood friends and said to them “My dad is there!” – I was shocked to see him – “I guess I should go over.” I went over to him but neither of us said anything to each other that I can remember, we just stood there, looking at each other… I remember thinking that he looked old in the angled light coming in through the doorway. I wondered if he looked older than he had when he died, or if I’d just forgotten what he really looked like. I also remember noticing that we were almost the same height, as we would have been if he’d lived till I reached my full height.

Maybe someday I’ll have a happy dream about him, eh?

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A few times I dreamed of a male relative who came to my house in his car but he was younger than before I was born. We drove to a lake to do some fishing and scouting for pebbles and when he was driving me back home, he took a drag on his cigarette, blew it out slowly and said to me, “this is the man I have always been.” I cried in spurts for several days after.

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Last night I had a dream that some fat dude was killing everyone around me with a bow and arrow, and he chased me for miles across the city, killing anyone I tried to talk to or warn, by shooting them in the head, through the heart or right in the eye.

I most certainly hope that wasn’t anyone I loved.

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Thanks everyone for sharing your stories with me :)

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When I started dating again after my first husband died I would have vivid dreams that the news of his death was not real. He had only been gone and unable to get in touch.
When my current husband and I started getting serious I would wake up in a panic thinking I had to choose between the two. It was so real! Just thinking about it gives me that sinking feeling in my gut.

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I’ve certainly had dreams where I dreamt about dead relatives, but whether that qualifies as a “visit” I’m not sure….

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My grandparents, several times. I recently saw my maternal grandfather.

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Yes, very frequently. At first I thought she wanted me to join her. Now I realize that some of this is depression talking to me. It still leaves me confused, as I was very dependant on my wifes advice, especially in social situations. I still have thoughts of wanting to just sleep forever, just to be with her.

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I dream about my mother (who died 33 years ago) every couple of months. I went a long time without dreaming of her at all, but now that I have outlived her and much of my fear of succumbing to her fate has subsided, I welcome her visits. In my dreams she is always the age she was when she died (37) and beautiful. She always acknowledges the fact that she left this world, but that in reality she has been with me the entire time. I treasure these dreams and I smiled as I read your post!

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@SuperMouse I dread the year I am the age my father died. Already. I think it will be a huge relief when I am past it. I hope that, like you, after that point my dreams of him will become positive and I will welcome them. GA.

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@fireinthepriory I lived for about 25 years shuddering and denying it every time anyone told me I was anything like my mother. I worried constantly about it (exacerbated no doubt by the fact that the disease she died of can have a genetic component) it piqued the year I was the age she was when she was diagnosed. I figured to the day when I would outlive her. The day was like a liberation day for me and from that point on (it has been over seven years now since then), I take pride when people tell me I look like her and welcome her whenever she visits in my subconscious. I hope the milestone is as positive for you.

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@fireinthepriory I’ll be that age next year. Although my father died in a plane crash, he had malignant melanoma. I really should stay away from airplanes, since my grandfather and two uncles died that way, too.

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Very often and I must say I don’t feel disturbed in any way. Actually it is a soothing feeling and a pleasure to have them drop by even in that way!

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I had a very vivid dream that I was visited by my grandfather. I also kept saying “But you’re dead!” He told me that the phone calls I’d been getting with no one on the other end was him. And I had been getting those calls too! I could feel his skin through his thin shirt. I could smell him (his pipe scent). I wish I could’ve just enjoyed him and talked to him instead of trying to figure out how he was there. I would welcome another dream visit.

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I had a couple of dreams about my mother after she died. They were heartbreaking. In the dream we talked and chatted. It was so wonderful. In reality she diedat the end of a long fight with Alzheimer’s. The last 6 months she was comatose, non-responsive, bed ridden. So yeah. That dream really punched me hard when I woke up.

After my dad died had had a dream that I was about 2 and was sitting in the seat part of a grocery cart. My dad walked up to me and I was so excited. I held my arms out for him to pick me up, but he just looked at me like he had no idea who I was, and walked away. That was sad too.

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