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did you see the soilder throwing the puppy of a cliff? Do you think he should be punish in the states?

Asked by LBRE107 (10points) March 4th, 2008 from iPhone
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yes he should be jailed/punished and fined a large amount for causing harm to a living, breathing creature

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I couldn’t bring myself to watch the video. But I have read over 2000 comments on about it.

My opinion. This guy just got a lot of our soldiers killed. Just like Abu Ghraib did in 2004. Once again some wanker proves that we are crawling through the sewer of morality.

He should lose his job and spend a few years locked away.

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The link is to the video. I don’t do well with those things and I haven’t watched it. Click at your own risk.

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that is so not okay.

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It looks fake. Should there be an investigation? Yes. Should we rush to judgment? Why not—it’s the internet. But don’t assume that judgment is based on actual evidence.

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The main problem is the perception of the actions in this video. They fucked up filming this and releasing it. Even if it is a stuffed dog it reflects poorly on the people serving in the Middle East. People are going to die because some jackass wanted to post something new to his myspace page.

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If the video turns out to be legit, which it seems to be, he is American military personnel, therefore he is subject to our military law, and courts.

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what if that solider has died in combat for serving his country since that video has been posted? I think it is sick if it is real. But his daddy probaly molested him and he joined the marines to escape.

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