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Does anyone know of a good mac compatible application for taking notes on videos?

Asked by rovdog (842points) February 24th, 2010

I’m looking to take specific notes on a video and I’m looking for something that will allow these notes to show up as one either plays or scrubs through the video. I found something called Qt notetaker which looks like it might work but it doesn’t save the links to points in the video, it simply exports a text file with the time code. Or does anyone know of any good note taking plug ins for final cut pro? Basically, I am looking for something to easily take notes on the cut of a film.

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Jubler is a nice opensource subtitle application that works with Final Cut Pro
More subtitle type apps here

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Thanks that’s really cool… might be useful! not quite sure it’s what i’m looking for though. what would be awesome is something that would created pop up notes as you scrub through a cut (that move with the footage- unlike the marker function)- someone must have made that right? Or I am looking for something similar to Qt notetaker but with more professional functionality. Is anyone a frequent video client (like an ad agency or something) that needs to interact with editors frequently? How are these notes taken?

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