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Did you know that Fluther has a spellcheck feature? (and a note for admin)

Asked by kevbo (25662points) March 4th, 2008

If you’re typing on Fluther and see a word underlined with tiny red dashes, it is probably misspelled. You can right click or option click on the word and Fluther will help you spell the word correctly.

Your fellow flutherer thanks you.

Admin—you may want to add Fluther to your dictionary, if possible.

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if only the admin button was available on the iPhone

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Isn’t that the native spell check on OS X. Maybe in Firefox. Not sure if that applies across the OS.

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I’ve never had my misspelled words underlined!

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@johnpowell: uh, oops, maybe

Okay, well, I’m just trying to raise awareness. So, uh, sorry.

God, I’m embarrassed.

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Yes, johnpowell is right.

We have no Fluther spell check, but many browsers now have it built in.

Let’s keep up the good spelling!

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Its actually a firefox function.

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I’m on Safari. Hopefully, Microsoft remembered to add it to Internet Explorer.

Ben, if you think it’s a good move, can you strikeout “Fluther” in the question and replace with “your browser probably”? Thanks, regardless.

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I’m on firefox and I still don’t have a spell check.

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Today at work I was crafting a response in Word and then copy-pasted it into Fluther. This would work as well so that you can edit before you post. Because let’s face it, this isn’t an IM conversation. Spelling and the ability to form proper sentences matter!

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Firefox has a spellcheck function. I love it. You just have to turn it on.

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Interesting. At home (mac/firefox) I’ve noticed the red line thingy and appreciated it’s help. At work (some dell piece of crap/internet explorer) I never saw the red line thingy. I thought perhaps I just spelled better at work. I always thought it was a fluther function and therefore couldn’t understand why some members like Charlie had so many errors. Didn’t they see the red line thingy? Apparently not. Thanks to kevbo. This clears it up.

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I have one on my google toolbar, and I try to remember to use it. Sometimes I get kind of dyslexic when I type, and it comes in handy. Here’s an old poem on the subject.

The Spell-check Poem

I have a spelling checker;

It came with my PC.

It plainly marks four my revue

Mistakes I can knot sea.

I’ve run this poem threw it;

I’m sore your please too no,

It’s letter perfect in its weigh,

My checker tolled me sew.

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Chrome has spell check also, it now has Barack for Barak :-)

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