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I will never die. I have always been and will always be atomically, at least

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Are we talking “Le petit mort”?

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Going to get cut up by med students.

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I want cremated and poured out on the wind, hopefully someplace calm and beautiful. I know I will no longer be alive, aware, or in my body. Still, I am very clausterphobic. The whole idea of some stranger stripping me naked , draining my blood, pickling me with chemicals and stuffing me in a little box, nailing the lid shut and burrying me, sounds horrid. I want to be out in the sun, blowing in the wind, even if I’m not really there. I doubt my organs will be any good for anyone. I’m in poor health. But if something is left that is useful to someone, by all means, they can have it.

I have to admit though funerals are more for the living than the dead, and a traditional burial would probably be more comforting to my parents and siblings since that is what they are used to and expect.

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Donate my organs and then cremate me. If you embalm me and put me in an expensive casket, I will haunt your ass forever.

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I have a full body donor card, and I don’t really care what they do with it.

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I, too, am a donor. Additionally, since my husband is a veteran and plans to be buried in a military cemetery, I have the right to be dumped into the same hole, so that is probably what I will opt for.

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Become a pencil. It brings a new meaning to recycling.

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I originally was going for the cremated and scattered in Norway’s fjords because I liked the view but maybe I could go for

1. Shot into space. I mean, isnt that cool??

2. Jewelry. I assume the syper heat pressure machine that turnes your bones into diamonds?? Well if i did that my famuly could use it in desperate times to lift them out of the water :/

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Take what can be used. Freeze my brain.

I expect to live another good 40–50 years or so. Cryogenics should be perfected by then, right?


Whatever. Just freeze me. When you figure out the whole neural-net-to-synthetic-body thing, wake me up.


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I’d like the birds to eat me.

On a more serious note: organ donor.

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Treat me like a Klingon.
It is an empty shell. Dispose of it as you will.

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My drivers license has that lovely little heart that says my organs can be taken out.
As for what happens after that, I don’t really care.. Whatever makes my family feel better.

As for the jewelery, I have a necklace that has my best friends ashes in it. It’s not as pretty.. but it means a hell of a lot to me to still have him with me.

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For years I’ve told my children that I wish to be cremated, with my ashes placed in Folger coffee cans and put in their kitchen cupboards. Don’t know if I’ve ever really meant it, but I most certainly do not want to be an ornament that’s worn!

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Probably either cremated and spread or frozen – ask me when the time comes.

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It should probbaly be burned and destroyed to no end before I rise from the dead and wreak havoc on unsuspecting farmers.

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i want to be buried like viking. set me aflame on a floating grave. naked.

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Not sure, I don’t really think I care how I would be finished.

I guess if I had to choose I would go with a normal burial, then I could have a cool epitaph!

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Dang, I thought I had a lock on “cool” with the Klingon thing but the Viking thing seems to trump that.

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Cremation and ashes done with as whoever pleases.

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I kind of like the viking thing, too, but a want coverings.

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I still don’t really know, but the idea of being buried freaks me out and it seems like a waste of space. I’d rather be cremated, but I haven’t made any kind of final decision.

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I’m dead. I could care less what happens to my body.
As Cat Stevens sang in Miles From Nowhere, Lord my body, its been a good friend, but I won’t need it…when I reach the end…

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You may keep whatever organs you like, burn the rest please.

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I want to be freeze-dried and then propped up in the foyer, greeting all who enter the house.

Seriously, I don’t care. I’ll be dead. Contracting hepatitis thirty years ago prevents me from being an organ donor. Let the dogs fight over me and feed my eyeballs to little Eskimo children.

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@AstroChuck I’m not entirely sure why, but this response makes me horny.

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I always wanted to donate it to science. I am not that sure any more. I have no idea why I have changed my mind! But I must be cremated. I don’t like funerals and coffins and I am terrified I might wake up in one!!!

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Organ donation for me it’s not like I’ll be needing ‘em anymore, followed by a nice funeral.
Taking out the organs also ensures that I won’t be buried alive -the only fear that really gives me the willies.

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I want to be so old that they will need an archeologist to do the autopsy.

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They can carve me up in a lab or take my organs. I really don’t care which of the two, both are using otherwise useless matter for a good cause. Burial and cremation are just… wasteful.

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I’d rather like it if mine got up & became the start of a Zombie plague!

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Become a star.

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I’ve always told hubby that I’m to be cremated. Even thinking about being buried in the ground while locked in a wooden box for wee beasties to eat me just terrifies me. If any of my bits and bobs can help anyone first they’re more than welcome to have them. Now my funeral I do know about. I’ve always said that I don’t want any tears from anyone. I want folk telling jokes, I want smiles and laughter and at the end I want everyone to chase each other out of the cremitorium to the theme music of the benny hill show :-)

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They can do anything to it. Would not like it wasted, so if someone wants the organs, wants to eat me or wants to dig a hole in the ground and use me as a fertiliser, be my guest.

I think that in the modern world (where I can leave back CDs, digital photos and videos, my notes on a hard disk and all sorts of other souvenirs that could last forever), you don’t really need a tomb with a faded picture to remember your loved ones. You can see them daily on your mobile, your laptop or youtube.

And I don’t even know who’d care much about the leftovers. I’ll probably discuss it with my daughter someday and see what she thinks.

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I think letter med students peek inside me would be fun….I just wish I could hear their comments, gasps, and words of disbelief as they see just what the human body is capable of surviving.

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I want to be cremated and put in a meatloaf. ;)

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I’ve always had strong reservations about organ donation because health care professionals treat people with little enough respect and dignity when they are alive, I cannot believe that they treat you any better when you’re dead – I want to be made into fish food….

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Dammit @lucillelucillelucille , this is your way of finally making a good meatloaf? Like bone bits and ash are going to improve the flavor? Ok.. Pass me the ketchup… ;-)

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@Trillian -Lol!! Anything will improve the flavor!

jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities's avatar

@lucillelucillelucille It’ll still be meatloaf, so I don’t want any. Sorry! ;)

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I’m an organ donor. Whatever is left over will go into a box and be buried next to my wife, among my ancestors in the family cemetary. The Viking thing sounds cool, but I want to be with my Meg.

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Use what you can (I am a donor), burn the rest or bury it. It has no meaning to me but what may give comfort to those who loved me.

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Recycle all my bits and major organs, wheel my remains to the funeral pyre, stick a cigarette in my mouth, and light me up.

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If I can’t donate organs of send my body to med school for dissection, then whatever will make my loved ones happy. I won’t care.

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On my doner card it say’s; Your challenge with my body before you is to save as many people with my organs as you can and then cremate the remainder and pour off the Golden Gate bridge during a flood tide so I flow into the bay taking residence in the many ponds and tributaries my previous generations fought to preserve through parks and conservation bills in the State of California.

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That’s got be a big donor card.

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Yep, typed real nice and attached to my drivers license with my blood bank doner card…

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If there is anything usable, take it. Cremate the rest. Scatter the ashes in the ocean so there is no one place for my kids to go grieve. I am gonna be off surfin’ the cosmos!

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Also, before my head goes on ice…

You can touch me, if you want

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Put me on the bonfire, please!

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