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Ive landed a second interview, now what?

Asked by A_Beaverhausen (2440points) February 24th, 2010

ive never had to go on to a second interview, its for a sales coordinator job with a hotel, what should i expect? its with the hotel manager, is there anything i can do to prepare myself further?

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Hotel managers aren’t that intimidating.
I think you should look in the mirror before your interview and say “lets rock this shit”.

You got to the second interview. You’re better off than 90% of the applicants.

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You are ahead of the curve for sure but do not under estimate the Hotel Manager. They have say over all that goes on for their location.

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I’m not sure what a sales coordinator does exactly, but hopefully you do. Try to prepare as best you can for the specific position and how you can help the hotel be successful. Think about all the possible questions (s)he might ask you, and prepare answers for all of them so that you are comfortable answering. For example, if (s)he says, “What kind of sales experience do you have?” or “How would you try and increase our business?”, have an answer prepared. Practice with friends or family so that you feel ready when the interview actually happens. Good luck.

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Shower and shave. It’s just a job interview, so relax and play it cool.

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It’s for a sales position so communicate with him in a way where you can show off your skills. Confidence is key. Smile a lot. Make eye contact.

Good luck.

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A good, firm hand shake always helps; maintain eye contact, but don’t stare him/her down; laugh at their jokes; try and relate to them; make them feel like they want to work with you.
A second interview is much less formal than the first one. The first interview is to find out experience and education etc. The second is more to find out how you are as a person and will you fit in with the team.
Good luck!

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Find out as much as you can about that hotel, potential clientel, competition, what type of business clients they may have. I mean learn everything you can so you can answer any question as if you have worked there for years. Good luck!

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The second interview is given because they figure, based on the first interview, that you can handle the job. In the second interview, they want to find out if they can work with you. You should see a number of people. They are all vetting you to see if they can get along with you.

As always, be yourself. You don’t want to sell yourself on false grounds because you’ll only be miserable. However, if being yourself means you are optimistic and fun to be with and you will work well with all of them, that can’t hurt.

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