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What do you think The Triangle was about?

Asked by shpadoinkle_sue (7188points) February 25th, 2010

I just finish The Triangle. It’s a movie about people who are on a boat, storm hits the boat, really old cruise liner comes by, they get on, and everything repeats. I liked this movie. It had a reasonably orinigal plot about the bermuda triangle, well acted. I just wanted to know if it was an “own personal hell” kind of story or “bermuda triangle will never let you out” kind of thing.

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was it good?

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I enjoyed it better than some other movies lately.

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I just was Whiteout. You how in thriller movies, they give you a couple of possible suspects, and you don’t know who to trust? Well, they pushed that idea way too hard with one character.
It had a good plot though.

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Oh god know.The cruise liner must have had Barry Manilow on board.Now that would be “my own personal hell.”

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It was the Love Boat, haunted by dead careers.

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the Bermuda triangle is a metaphor for the Vagina,
where unweary seamen are swallowed without trace.

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That’s one fucking enormous pussy.

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@ucme yes, and moist.

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