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my girlfriend dumped me using the excuse "just until she gets her grades up" should I believe her and get back with her after?

Asked by BioTechWarrior (119points) March 4th, 2008
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no way she probably meant she doesn’t want you anymore but didn’t want to be mean

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I would say yes, give her a chance. Putting a pause on a relationship for academics is semi-normal for girls with their heads screwed on straight. Send her a card or pick a flower and send it a week later. It’ll be nice and you can get a feel for how she really feels about you.

Be patient and respect her first, though.

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No. She gets to walk all over you and you get to stay the rug? Be a man and find somebody worth your time.

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squirbel – how is it ok for her to abuse her position by ending a relationship for this? additionally, why does she deserve flowers?

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Because when you are in school, academics > relationships.

Sending a flower ( and I said picked, meaning no money spent and nothing lost) and seeing how she recieves it will be a strong indicator. If she was lying and just dumping him with a lame reason she will reject the flower. If she takes the flower and coos at him or even apologizes for it being hard on him then she is worth waiting for.

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no if she wanted to be with you then she would juggle both…

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I’m a female and not only was I in that situation before, but lots of my friends were too. We are daddy’s girls and he puts pressure on us to stick to the books. We are told “if the boy really loves you he will stick around. Otherwise he’s a dick and not worthy of my daughter.”

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@squirbel: yeah, I was going to say, she’s probably telling you this because her parents think it’s a good idea.

Are her grades bad or marginal or less that what she is normally capable of? If yes, then she’s probably not feeding you a line. Still, I wouldn’t count on her maintaining her interest in you later on down the line.

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Academics may > relationship, but if you get into a relationship and are too stupid to get good grades too, then you don’t deserve anything more.

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you’re so unforgiving. :(

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unforgiving? I don’t get into relationships and lead them on only to arbitrarily break up with them when I feel needed. This time its academics. What next? Family emergency? Money? I wouldn’t trust it and my personal emotions are important enough to ne not to let them be stomped on by selfish people

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I just got news she was in a fight today because she told some guy off for how “bad of a boyfriend” I was cuz she obviously doesnt think so. now I really want her back. any suggestions?

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I say stick it out and go back out with her when she’s ready. But until then, bang the hell out of as many other girls as you can find. Take advantage bro. Your free for at least a couple months

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@jiboo420: get ready for your spanking from the fluthermother!

Man, I wish I had that link!!!!

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i say go out and have fun while she “gets her grades up”.

whatever happens on time off is not your problem.

she will be lucky if you feel the same afterwords.

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depends on the girl. Did she ever tell you what she wanted to be? Does she have novels on her room? If so she wasn’t lying. I liked the idea of giving her picked flowers and a note wishing her the best. just don’t expect anything later

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yeah… She may not be feeling you that much. When a girl is in love she will find a way phone-emails-myspace-text-come on.I wonder how old she is I’m 20 so maybe I don’t understand. She would have told you about her parents to help her case though. That’s not something to hide!!?

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Now that is an F-ed up excuse. No offense man. Move on, and if she asks you back, say “idk, i have a B right now in Study hall, i really want an A… hmmm. Nope.” Nah.

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Yes and no. I am a girl and I know how that must feel for the girl. But that just depends on her personality. You decide if you can trust her or not but please give her a chance.

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no, don’t get your hopes up cuz most girls just try to come up with an excuse to be nice. I’d say move on and find another girl who deserves you. :)

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Having gone through an intense degree myself, I can understand @squirbel‘s position; but I agree with the people who think it is really self-serving if she expects you to wait around. She has set you free, and whether you stick around or not is your choice, and it depends what you feel in your heart for her. Just beware.

Another couple might have agreed to take a couple of weeks off, or whatever. Doesn’t the semester end right about now? Is she asking you to wait for her until after finals?

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Im sorry to say I have used similar excuses to get guys to leave me alone and it works !!
Dude, shes just not that into you anymore, but if for any reason you think she is being honest, then just hang out and see, time will tell all !

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If she keeps flunking out….....then, that’s your answer. :)

It’s just a polite way of saying….“I’m not that into you, but I don’t want to hurt your feelings so I am going to use this lame excuse, okay?”

Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings.

You deserve better. Remember that.

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Yes. You should always date girls who take their studies seriously. She should graduate, get a good job, make lotsa cash – take you on a cruise around the world – spend tons of money on you – then dump her.

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I don’t think I’d wait around for her.

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