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cure for hiccups?

Asked by thankgodforbeef (373points) March 4th, 2008

there are a million, most are wives tails. what do you use? does it work and why?

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Take a drink of water and hold your breath for 15secs. Repeat.

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swallow 5 times with out taking a breath.

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Drink water through a straw while plugging your ears. Also a spoonful of sugar has helped me in the past as well, although that’s not always readily available.

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hickups are caused by spasms in the diaghram, and apparently sugar stops this type of spasm( but not fake sugar, it has to be natural glucose)

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1 table spoon of vinegar. I guarantee it works.

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This always works when I do it to other people; if someone says they have the hiccups, turn it back on them and say very stern that you don’t believe them,say (let me hear you hiccups,give me a big hiccups,come on, you can’t do it, try harder)yadayadayada. It is a mental thing I guess but it works. If you needvto getvrid of them on yourself, have someone do that back to you!

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i hold my breath as long as i possibly can. hiccups are caused by a sort of misfiring in the nerve that controls your diaphragm. by holding your breath, you give the breathing mechanism a chance to “reset”.

(ps. the nerve runs down the back of your throat. if you drink a lot of alcohol in one sitting, the liquor can soak through your esophagus and drench the nerve. this is why being drunk can give you the hiccups.)

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Take some water hold it in your mouth then touch your toes and drink it. (basicly drink it upside down.) works for me.

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Drink a glass of water while sucking it through a papertowel placed on top of the glass. It really works 100% of the time

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this has always worked for me and everyone I’ve recommended to try it (even my 6 yr old niece)

1. Hold your breath as long as you can
2. When you almost are reaching your limit, drink a glass of water as fast as you (safely) can.
3. Resume breathing
4. Enjoy you new hiccup free life style

Note: Please don’t over do it. Hold your breath as long as you reasonably can. You don’t want to choke on the water :)

It has *never failed.

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I have found that just concentrating my thoughts on something else help me relax and stops the spasms. I just count slowly in my head.

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@zentype: Haha, you left out an Astrix so it looks like there is a catch. Like when things are free*.

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Stimulate you phrenic nerve by vigorously rubbing the roof of your mouth, just behind the ridges that you feel behind your teeth.

My brother was a quadrepeligic, and couldn’t breathe on his own. he was the first person to have a phrenic Nerve pacemaker surgically installed. Before they did the surgery, they tested him to see if he would be a good candidate. They put electrodes on his phrenic nerve and he hiccupped, showing them that the nerve was still intact enough for the pacer to help him breathe. Somewhere I heard about stimulating this nerve 9wheich ends in the roof of your mouth) to cure hiccups. it made sense to me because of what happened with my brohter, so I tried it. it has worked every time!! You can read more about this here

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1. hold your breath for 20 seconds
2. drink a cup of water
3. stand on your head for 15 seconds(really works!!!)

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